VS 192 Stormbull’s Advice

Varanis — 1626 0922 Stormbulladvice

????, Dark Season, Death Week


Dark Season, Death Week, Fireday Eve. At the Bison Riders’ camp on the plains of Prax.
The conflict over Death was resolved in [[[s02:session-21|Session 21]]].


Off and on through the day, Rajar has been in the yurt full of warriors, telling stories of his own and being jovially shoulder bumped when Varanis has told the ones about him. Though he’s been drinking, he’s kept half an eye on the Vingan too.1Rajar passed Scan and probably noticed that she’s not nearly as drunk as she ought to be after spending most of the day drinking with the warriors of his clan, especially given she’s a proven lightweight when it comes to kumiss. She seems to have a knack for feeding her drink to others near her or dodging the refills. It’s not obvious, so she’s probably trying not to be noticed. She’s jovial and enthusiastic in her singing and stories, but she’s also mostly sober. Rajar nods approvingly. During the afternoon, he leaves to visit with his family and after [http://journeyoftheheroes.wikidot.com/varanis:1626-0920-singingpraises talking to Xenofos], Varanis sets out to find the StormBull.

Yelm has set and Rajar is on his way back to the party yurt, when Varanis intercepts him. She’s wrapped in her dark blue cloak and snow is already settling on the wool. “Rajar? Is that you?”

“Indeed it is.” Rajar smiles and rests his great Axe on the ground, butt down. “Are you enjoying my kin’s hospitality?”

“I’m not used to there being so many Rajar-sized people around. And yes, their hospitality is both generous and enthusiastic.” She laughs lightly. “I may have a few bruises to show for it.” Her expression sobers swiftly. “Does your clan have a Storm Voice? Or anyone close to Orlanth? I… I need help. I screwed something up and I’m trying to fix it, but I don’t think I’m doing it right.”

“Hmmm. This land is StormBull’s and his wind is the power here. His son rules the land for him. A Storm Khan would have some insight into the winds…or a Shaman like Grandfather Erhehta.”

“I need to be Orlanth. Maybe the shaman could help… Also, on Wildday, I’m going to have to fight Berra I think. It’s complicated.” She frowns, looking worried in the dark. The snow is sticking to her hair now and she shivers and pulls the cloak tighter. “I should probably explain…” Her breath puffs out in a little cloud as she considers her words. “I had a vision or dream and I was Orlanth and Vinga. I sent Eurmal to steal Death from Humakt. When I came back to the camp, Berra accused me of stealing her sword. The new one that came from the Iron Lord. I don’t fully understand what’s happened, but she needs to reclaim Death from Orlanth. So, I need to be Orlanth for her.” The shivering has increased as she speaks. “But I’ve been trying all day. I can’t seem to stop worrying enough to just be. It’s like I’m just going through the motions of it. I can’t fuck this up, Rajar. I have to get it right. She has to be able to take Death back from me so that her sword is the way it should be again.”

“Hmmmmmmmmmmm…. I think she might have borrowed some death recently. You are indeed likely the most Oralthi Orlanth around these parts.” Rajar smiles. “Best you not think about it. Try not to die as well of course.” The big Storm Bull looks thoughtful. “We could probably kidnap one in Pavis?”

Varanis gives a short laugh. “Better her than an assassin,” she says. “No, I need to be Orlanth. I just need to be a better one than I am right now. Maybe the shaman will have an idea about how I can get closer to him.”

“Drink more,” Rajar suggests. “That normally helps.”

She stares out into the falling snow. “I probably shouldn’t try to spend the night on the plains tonight, should I?” The shivering has not abated. “It’s so cold. And there’s so much snow.”

“Valind’s winds blow strong here and now untill Stormbull fights him and returns the warm winds.”

“Can you help me find Erhehta’s yurt?”

“Of course. Walk this way.” He leads a path through the mass of snow-covered yurts.