VS 140 On Yinkin’s Way

Varanis — 1626 0810 Yinkin

????, Earth Season, Season/Fertility Week


Earth Season/Fertility Week/Wildday morning. [[[s02:session-8|Session 8]]]
House Saiciae


On Wildday morninng Varanis enters Xenofos’ room maybe wishing to further discuss bad manners of Restina and Rillo Hulta. Scholar is not there. Unusually some papyri are left on the writing desk.

“Xenofos?” She looks around. Curiosity draws her to the desk. Two papyri. One folded several times over and smudged, with a line or two of ink, where someone has tested the flow of ink from the reed. A small one not folded.1The overlap between Yinkin and Vinga is Air. Going with an opposed roll between air and honour. Air wins.

Varanis picks up the unfolded papyrus to peer at it. She glances at the door, then studies the document more closely.2Passed Air, just Passed read. Note, uninspired, my read is only 15. I’m heading to bed now, but I think you should decide how much I actually understand. I’ll respond in the morning.

Two short passages. One on each side.
Xenofos, You are a fool
She does not love you
and said that before
You lied to yourself
when you said you don’t hope
She did not break your heart
you did it yourself
Xenofos, You are a fool.

On the reverse:

Tarry not behind when host forward brave marches in haste
to face uncertain fate, to brave an unknown foe
Walk boldly, carrying shield stout, sword bright and gleaming in hand
To bloody and red harvest all ready and eager go.

She sets the papyrus down and considers the second. Curiosity gets the better of her and she picks it up. She hesitates, looking at the folded papyrus in her hands, then opens it. She studies the papyrus carefully. Looks a bit stained and worn. It has been stored with little care at some point. Oh. It is addressed to her.

Ranie dear.
If you read these lines, I have passed to the other side.
I do not expect to die in the encounter, but when poking other gentlemen
with sharp objects unexpected accidents are a possibility
so I have written a poem and prepared for the occasion.

Alone are thou, man, in center of everything alone
alone are thou born, alone shall thou once leave
A step, or two thou thinks to walk abreast another one
but lo! he has passed thee or lags behind already.

We have gone together longer than two steps. A trip I do not regret.
I apologize for now hurrying ahead.

She clutches the papyrus more tightly than she ought to, crinkling the edge between her fingers. She breathes carefully and slowly.

PS If, as I expect, the duel has been fought according to customs with no foul play, there must be no feud or attempts at revenge against my honourable opponent.
Another thing, please explain Berra the amount of skill and work involved in making the dress Karne is working on.

Carefully, she unlocks her fingers and smooths the papyrus. She refolds it and places it back on the writing desk.

She leaves. She needs to think about this.