VS 024 Pit Of Despair

Varanis — 1626 0581 Pit Of Despair



Sometime before Boldhome, our heroes travel back to the Tula and end up facing Chaos at Rabbit Hat Farm, on the Green Fish Tula. This is a selection of events and conversations occurring during that time. [[[s01:session-31|Session 31]]]


In a moment of impatience, as everyone is trying to decide how to approach the gaping pit below the farmstead’s wall, Varanis climbs the walls and throws a torch in. That act seems to put an end to the key discussions, as the decision is taken that some of the group will descend.

The way is sheer and dangerous, so the Vingan offers to mount ropes around the pit, allowing multiple climbers to descend at once. This is something she knows how to do, and so she sets about it with her customary confidence. As she works though, Serala approaches on Pag. The Grazelander is wearing a look of barely contained anger and clear disappointment. Words are exchanged and as she rides away, Varanis stares after her dismayed.

Once Varanis has finished with the ropes, she goes looking for Finarvi. Finarvi is a short distance away from the farmhouse, calming his horse and looking worriedly over the fields. Varanis approaches calling out, but not loudly, “Finarvi, do you have a minute?” She too looks worried.

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Down in the hole while guarding Irillo as he puts up his warding, and preparing for the morale ritual, Berra is obviously thinking through different parts of the problem of fighting underground, and finally blurts out, “Assuming the enemy has earth magic, how do we stay alive in there?”

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Quietly, when Mellia is busy elsewhere, Varanis approaches the Humakti. “Berra…”

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    A Kid would be of the goat species, and taboo in Sartar.