VS 040 The Ring Giver and her Advisor

Varanis — 1626 0661 Ring Giver

????, Fire Season, Disorder Week


Fire Season, Disorder Week [[[s01:session-31| Before and during Session 31]]]
Varanis has made a rash vow. She seeks out her cousin to tell him.


Shortly after making the trip back down from the Flame of Sartar, Varanis goes looking for Xenofos to tell him what happened. He is understandably concerned.

Xenofos does seem thoughtful at the news. “Yes. You should probably tell this to Prince first. If possible in private audience and not to others without her permission.”

“Yes, it is my intention to talk to the Prince privately, as soon as possible,” Varanis says. She is still vibrating with the same sincere passion with which she told the story to Xenofos.

“I would like to escort you for that audience. Maybe take Berra too who witnessed this. Though that does give her option of trying to get rid of all who know in one blow.” Pauses to pull his beard. “But it shows your sincerity and lack of scheming and in worst case we may buy you time for escape.”

Varanis looks taken aback. “You think she will try to kill us?” For someone who grew up in Nochet, she is showing a distinct lack of political acuity here. “But, I want to help make her Queen, Xenofos. I don’t want to be Queen.”

“I know that. And I hope she believes it. Having those who know – both followers of Truth – present when you tell may help to convince her but I am not privy to thoughts of a barbarian prince. You do realize that lighting the Flame is royal quest and strong sign of kingship. So your vow is also claim to kingship and puts Prince in awkward place. If you make it public and she supports you your failure would cast shadows on her too. If she opposes you she is against relighting flame of Sartar. If you succeed it was not her who succeeded.”

Varanis looks a little shaken. “It was the right thing to do,” she says defensively. But she is clearly wondering what she’s gotten herself into.

Varanis has finally told Tennebris what she’s done.

“Are you taking anyone to the palace with you?” – GM

“No.” – Varanis

( I think we just dodged a sling bullet ) O o . Berra

“He is seated in his little sitting room. He’s got a goblet of wine. He’s looking quite a lot better than the last time you saw him, but still extremely tired.” – GM

“Hhh. Thane Varanis. How can I… serve you?” – Tennebris

“Chief Priest, I went to visit the Flame of Sartar. I wanted to visit where my ancestors have been.” – Varanis

“Just a little nod. Nothing particularly impressive. Perhaps he’d been expecting this? Perhaps not.” – GM

“My lord Chief Priest. When I touched the runes on the basin where the flame should be it flickered blue. I felt for that moment that my great great grandfather was there with me. Just for a moment.” – Varanis

little nod “You know, just occasionally it would be nice if somebody were in fact simply a usurper.” – Tennebris

“Very well. What we all suspected and the Prince had accepted has been confirmed. You are of the Royal Blood.” He gives a slightly dry smile, pours another goblet of wine and offers it to you. “Congratulations. You are now eminently more assassinatable.” – GM/Tennebris

“Oh, Chief Priest I think it gets worse than that.” Varanis takes a sip to fortify herself…
“I made a promise to the spirit of Sartar while I was there, and I promised that I would try to relight the flame for him, for the people of Sartar, and for Prince Kallyr, so she can rule.” – Varanis

“He considers for quite a long time.” – GM

“Imgonna have another drink.” – Varanis

“Tell me, did you make this oath on – for example – a Truth Rune under the auspices of Humakt, anything that will make it even more complex?” – Tennebris

“Um, there was a Humakti present as a witness.” – Varanis

“Did she call upon her god as witness?” – Tennebris

“I don’t recall that she did.” – Varanis

“Siggggggh.” – Tennebris

“… No, I don’t believe that she did.” – Varanis

“There would have been HUMAKT there.” – Berra

“There is an air of ‘I guess I picked the wrong week to give up wine.’ “Very well.”” – Tennebris

“But he’s drinking wine…” – Varanis

“It’s already been the wrong week to give it up, then you happened.” – Berra

“I didn’t know at the time that might doing do might be construed by some as a claim to the throne. Kallyr is the true Prince and should be Queen.” – Varanis

“Yes. I agree. That’s why I’ve been adventuring with her for twenty years. That’s why I have sworn a solemn oath to see her Queen or die in the process.” – Tennebris

“I would like to help make Kallyr Queen.” – Varanis

“Gooood. Not least because it does simplify my life really quite a bit. Alright… It is not an easy thing that you have sworn. I had considered asking you to sound out some of the neighbouring Royalty. However, this takes precedence… It is possible Sartar needs to be found, in the Underworld. It is …. it is possible that the Flame of Sartar is so called because he brought it here. It is possible it is an artefact of elsewhere.” – Tennebris
“And of course, as ever, both is a possibility.” – Tennebris

“So, I feel like I might have a quest to work on.” – Varanis

“Yes. Give me time to consider this matter – and of course to speak with the Prince. Come tomorrow. Perhaps if you could gather your band of heroes…” – Tennebris

“Yes.” – Varanis

“No hero succeeds alone.” – Tennebris

“Yes, Chief Priest.” – Varanis

She then seeks out her cousin to make sure he knows. She also wants to give him something.

After speaking to Tennebris, Varanis seeks out her cousin. She fills him in on the conversation with the Chief Priest.

“You spoke with the high priest first?” Xenofos’ expression is inscrutable.

“Yes. It was Berra’s suggestion. It gives the Prince time to think and plausible deniability if needed. He is informing Kallyr and wants me to gather the group.” She changes the subject rapidly, “I have something for you…” She has a cloth wrapped object that she’s been fidgeting with as they talk.

“That might be smart though I am surprised of this sidestepping of Truth.” He is startled by her change of topic. “For me? What is that?”

“It’s not though. We gave Tennebris the full truth. He chooses what to do with it.”

True, but plausible deniability is not really of Truth. Might be smart though.

She unwraps the linen to reveal a gold arm ring. It has Xenofos’ runes engraved into it. It’s sized to fit around his upper arm.

“Oh. You should not have. But I guess it is meet for a noble, to be a ring giver. It’s becoming…”

“I made it. And I wanted to give you something to signify our promises to each other.”

“I Thank You,” he says solemnly.

“Does it fit? I guessed based on our wrestling.”

Xenofos slips it onto his sword arm, but it’s a bit loose.

Varanis frowns slightly. “I can fix the fit if you want,” she offers.

“If you want. I guess you over-estimated my strength.” He smiles at her.