Drinking Party (Part 10)

1627, Fire Season, Fertility Week, Clayday Eve


Varanis and Berra settle down to drinking at Nochet’s primary Temple of Uleria. Xenofos is there for moral support. The binge drinking session begins in Drinking Party (Part I).

Part 10/11: The mixed frustrations of lust and rage.


“Xeno…. did I tell you I saw Merelt lash night?” Varanis asks, suddenly glaring at him. Or at the world perhaps.

“What, Garin?”

“No. Th’other one. Matron.”

“No you did not tell me that, Varanis.”

“Well she was. Tha’ bish called me a birdie.” Varanis glances at the Ulerian. “Sorry.”

She tosses back the rest of her wine. “I don’ like her. She’s evil. But sexy. Davor… Davorelia… how can evil also be sexy? Are there evil Ulerians?”

She shakes her head. “Love is love. It is not evil. But mere lust can be sexy.”

“Well, I’m mad at mysel’ because I lusted after her before I knew who she was.” Varanis scowls angrily at her empty cup. “An’ maybe even after I knew,” she admits, shoulders slumping.

Davorelia smiles quietly. “Don’t feel too bad Vareena. They say blood of the Mistress runs in veins of the Merelts.”

Varanis grumbles. “Didn’t have that problem w’ the brother. It’s because it’s been… more than a season, I guess. I’m not like Berra.” There’s a heavy sigh. “Need more wine.”

Davorelia tilts her head. Absentmindedly she reverses the cup holding it on her forefinger. With a flick of wrist she tosses the lees of her wine to the bowl.1Cup #whatever, time to stop counting.

Varanis puts her head in her hands.

Berra chooses that moment to come back in. She has perked up a little, although she is still rather wobbly. She gives Xenofos a cheery finger-wave.

He nods at her, concentrating on Varanis.

The Vingan looks up and blinks a few times at the Humakti. “Berra. I forgot to tell Xeno about that Merelt las’ night.”

“Oh. Well, alright?” Berra navigates her side table with care, and gets onto her couch with the muscular grace she embodies.

“I’m mad at mysel’ an’ at her. An’ myself.” Varanis drains her cup and lurches to her feet again. “She was all…” The Vingan sashays around the room, the effect somewhat marred by her unsteadiness.

“Kay, and?” Berra looks confused.

“An’ I wanted her!” Varanis wails.

“Well was she pretty?” the little barbarian replies.


Davorelia shrugs. “So you lusted after someone you think is evil? But you resisted acting on it?”

“But, I hate her and I hate me for wanting her. And yes. I resisted.”

“So love yourself for being stronger than that lust. Do not hate, Vareena.”

“Hate’s fine. But it’s a tool. Hating yourself is stu… isn’t going to work. Like our hostess says, you didn’t act on it anyhow.” Berra nearly calls Varanis stupid, but not quite.

Varanis flops back onto the couch. “You can call me stupid when I’m being stupid. It’s part of why I love you both. I trust you to tell me when I’m stupid.” She sighs. “Gonna jus’ rest my eyes a bit, k?”

“You’re being stupid, blaming yourself,” Berra says peacefully over her cup. Half water, half wine.

The hostess looks at Varanis with those brown eyes and exchanges a glance with Xenofos. “You can sleep in a bed too, Ranie,” the scholar says. “If you wish?”

She sits up. “No! Not sleeping. I’m good.” She looks at her empty cup on the table. “Um. Maybe water though?” Davorelia pours her some.

Berra tells her cup, “Xenofos is our expert on water, I think. But I’m good at changing my mind. So I might be wrong.”

“You don’t have to Vareena, if you don’t want to,” Davorelia assures Varanis.

“‘M sorry, Davoree…lia. Not normly like this.” Varanis dutifully sips the water. “I don’ drink like this offen. Words. Berra. Words are weird.”

“Hush,” the Ulerian tells her.

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    Cup #whatever, time to stop counting.