VS 068 A Hefty Fine

Varanis — 1626 0720 Fine

????, Fire Season, Movement Week


Fire Season, Movement Week, Wildday? [[[s01:session-41|Session 41]]]
Wilmskirk, Orlanthi Temple


Varanis makes her way to the Orlanthi Temple and asks to speak to the Storm Voice. She is polite, but carries herself as a confident noblewoman. Only part of that is a mask.

The Temple is an open space, the elements above free to mingle with the worshippers, although there is always a touch less sun here than elsewhere. Storm Voice Fanlin is available for the young initiate after about twenty minutes, and invites her to walk a path of labyrinthine twists in the shape of the Air Rune.

She greets him formally, but introduces herself simply as Vareena. She walks with him along the labyrinth.1Failed charm roll. “Storm Voice, I came to ask about my kinsman and sworn man, Xenofos,” she says when she feels the time is right.

“Tell me, Vareena, what brings you and your companions here?” he asks in a voice that carries over what she was saying, just as she says it.

Softly, she replies, “We are on a quest that I hope will ultimately help Sartar against the Lunars. It’s not something that I should discuss in detail though, Revered One.” There’s a touch of regret in her voice as she says it, as though she wishes she could tell him more, but alas. 2Rolls on truth and passes

“Mm. For the most part, I have judged on the cases. Two of your companions spoke for others, and nobody was killed. Yet indeed, the case of Xenofos remains…” A gentle breeze stirs hair and clothes as they walk, despite the heat of the day and the stillness outside the labyrinth.

“He is incapable of answering for himself and may be for some time. As he is sworn in service to me, he is my responsibility, Storm Voice.” She is polite, but the eyes she turns on him are full of concern and sincerity. “I will be truly shocked if it turns out that the … plants… were indeed his, but if they are, I will deal with it once he is healthy enough in mind and body to explain it to me. But, I would like to make things right here too. What can I do?”

“There is a fine to be levied,” replies Falnin. “The more so as you too partook, which I am told was likely to have been accidental. The quantity of hazia found was troubling, you understand? Merely the fact of it being found is troubling, and he is Esrolian.”

“But he is also scholar with a gentle heart and a mind dedicated to Truth who has repeatedly put himself in the path of the worst kinds of dangers to help the people of Sartar. He fought against a troll Rune Lord near Greyrock Fall, he helped to clear out a Chaos temple beneath Rabbit Hill Farm in Green Fish Tula, and now he is engaged in a quest he is afraid he will not survive, but persists anyway, because he knows it is the right thing to do. Even before coming to Sartar he has proven himself a man of worth, fighting bravely in the Siege of Nochet and taking part in the events around the Dragonrise.” She allows her voice to become softer still. “He is a good man, Storm Voice. If these drugs were his and not planted on him to interfere with our quest, I cannot believe that it was something he ever intended to cause harm to any. But, given the nature of our quest on behalf of the Prince, I could easily believe that someone would try to interfere in hopes to split our party further and lead to our failure.”
She adds, in a more normal volume, “I will, of course, pay whatever fines you deem appropriate for us both.” Her sincerity is obvious.3Passed love family roll too – if you were to have someone Detect truth on her right now, she 100% believes what she is saying.

“And he disobeyed the law that keeps our warriors strong,” says Falnin. “His good character counts for something but must be attested to in public.”

Varanis nods solemnly. “What can I do, Storm Voice? I will speak for him as and where you deem necessary, in accordance to the law, and I will pay the fines.”

“He should come back here for a judgement, and two men will go with him to Boldhome. He will return here within a few days, and if you will swear to it before Vinga we will trust you to return and pay that fine, whatever it is that is levied.” Falnin’s auburn-grey hair whips around in the wind as they get closer to the centre of the labyrinth.

Varanis looks thoughtful. “I am going into danger now and there are no guarantees of survival. What is the highest fine that could be levied against us? Can I leave that sum with you, in case I am unable to return? Even in death, I do not want to be foresworn.”

“He is noble,” says Falrin sadly. “Two and a half wheels is the appropriate fine.”

Varanis nods again, very solemn. “And for me? I came only to check on my man and did not know or understand what happened to me. But, I do not wish to circumvent the law. I will swear to this in Vinga’s name in front of any witnesses you choose.”

“If you wish to bring a suit against him for harm, we will hear it. Otherwise, swear that thing, and answer for the noble of your household. You have done nothing wrong save to command this man, and this may be wiped out when you pay his fine.” Falnin strokes his beard thoughtfully.

“I do not believe my kinsman guilty of any attempt to harm me, and thus have no desire to bring a suit against him,” she replies. “I will swear in Vinga’s name that he or I will return to face the charges against him, as long as we are physically and mentally capable to do so. And I will leave in your keeping a sum of Lunars equal to two and a half wheels. If he is found guilty, the fine is paid. If he does not return to defend himself, the fine is paid.” She looks calm, but there is banked emotion in her eyes yet. “I thank you for your trust and your guidance in this matter, Storm Voice.”

Falnin nods his head. “Walk over to the altar, then, and swear before her,” he says. “The wind walk is done.” The breeze falls suddenly.

Varanis kneels before the altar, sitting back on her heels. She draws her sword and holds it across her palms arms raised to the altar. She inhales deeply, feeling Orlanth and Vinga deep within her. “I swear, in the name of Vinga Adventurous and Orlanth, her Father, Brother, and other Self, that my sworn kinsman, Xenofos Saiciae shall return to Wilmskirk to face trial for the accusations levelled against him. If I live and am whole, I will return to stand with him, as he is my sworn man. The money that I leave for his fines is forfeit if neither of us return.”

Falnin, standing nearby, nods approvingly. “That was well spoken,” he tells her.

“Thank you, Storm Voice. I will return momentarily with the fine. With whom shall I leave it?”

“I will be here,” he says, “And see that part of justice done.”

Varanis nods. She leaves the Temple and returns a short time later with a pouch. Within the pouch is the sum of 50L. She hands it to Falnin, a somber expression on her face. “May Orlanth’s Justice be served, Storm Voice,” she says.

Falnin bows his head. “Go on the winds, carried by the air,” he says. “And swiftly. Your fellows left some hours ago. Their fines were paid yesterday.” He looks expressively towards the southern gate.

Varanis bows to him, and leaves the temple.

  • 1
    Failed charm roll.
  • 2
    Rolls on truth and passes
  • 3
    Passed love family roll too – if you were to have someone Detect truth on her right now, she 100% believes what she is saying.