Varanis and the Box

1626, Sea Season, Fertility Week


At a village near Wilmskirk, after Varanis claimed a beautiful box that had just been left lying around and might contain something useful and the others decided to take offense. After Session 1.25: Boxing Clever.


First Irillo tries to pacify her, then Berra chastises her.

In the wake of the incident with the box, Irillo tries to offer Varanis a graceful way out. She’s too wound up to listen to him properly.

Varanis glares at Irillo as he approaches.

“My cousin, you have great potential. Do not be downhearted. We were fortunate, and the Gods blessed us. This time things were not simple. Complex things cause problems.”

“I’m fine, Irillo. I’m not entirely sure what happened there.”

“A spirit, perhaps? Temptation? Perhaps Nala should take a look,” he offers gently.

She snaps at him. “I don’t need anything from the tearful unicorn savage. I’m fine.”

“She has skills as a shaman. Do you?”

“No,” comes the defiant reply. “I have Vinga.”

Later, Berra and Varanis talk. Berra told Varanis to act like a noble, not like a drunk and Varanis took it poorly. Session 25.

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Varanis took some time to process and comes back to follow up the earlier conversation.

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