VS 138 Burning the Candle: A Confrontation

Varanis — 1626 0807 Candle15

????, Earth Season, Season/Fertility Week


Earth Season/Fertility Week/Fireday Eve [[[s02:session-7|Session 7]]]
House Ziranda


There’s a party at House Ziranda. Varanis makes her usual rounds. The two cups of tea she had before coming have made a huge difference, but she has a headache coming on and begins to wonder how soon she can make her escape.

She is here. Observing Varanis from the side of hall. When the Vingan notices the younger woman, she offers a genuine smile. But she makes no effort to approach.

She starts to come over the hall. Young man intercepts her and leads her away. He seems a bit rough. Leading her by the wrist like that.

Varanis follows. Gone is the idle drifting. Now she moves with purpose.

He is joined by a middle-aged woman who seems to be talking sense to Lenta. By the look of her body language, she is not inclined to listen. As Varasnis approaches, she overhears the older woman telling Lenta that she is making fool of herself publicly. Lenta calls her a mean, stupid bitch.

When Varanis is close enough to do so without it looking odd, she greets the young woman. “Lenta! How lovely to see you again. Won’t you introduce me to your companions?” Varanis’ expression gives nothing away. She is simply being courteous to someone she has met.

There is a clear resemblance between the two women. The older one turns towards Varanis. Lenta is looking furious but has quit trying to claw the youth holding her wrists.

Varanis raises an eyebrow, looking between the three people.

“My daughter has drunk a bit too much. Her brother and I will take her home before she disgraces herself.”

Varanis ignores this statement and instead offers a little bow to Lenta’s mother. “Your daughter? Surely not. You look too young to have grown children. I am Varanis Saiciae. It is a pleasure to meet you.” She offers her hand to the young man. He can, of course, ignore it and maintain his grip on his sister, but that kind of snub might be noticed.

“I know who you are Varanis Saiciae. I am Restina Hulta. My son Rillo.” The son looks a bit lost, but politely takes Varanis hand and bows over it. Lenta shakes free and hisses, “I am not drunk”

“It is, perhaps, a little early to leave without causing offence to the hosts,” Varanis suggests to Restina, without looking at Lenta.

“It is, perhaps, a matter between me and the hosts, of no concern to you, young woman.” Her tone is icy.

Varanis raises an eyebrow again. “I see. And yet I find myself concerned.” Her own words are cold. Her eyes have turned flinty.

“We are leaving and you are coming now Lenta.” The words strike like a whip and Lenta winces.

Her shoulders slump. “Yes mother.” She follows the two out of the hall, leaving Varanis seething. The look on Restina’s face dares Varanis to try something.