VS 124 Burning the Candle: New Ink

Varanis — 1626 0793 Candle1

????, Earth Season, Season/Death Week


Earth Season/Death Week/Windsday. [[[s02:session-7|Session 7]]]



On Windsday, Varanis spends the entire day at the Vingan Temple. She’s had a dream and has requested new tattoos from the Daughter of Vinga who is responsible for such. A tiny Death rune is pricked into her skin right over her jugular and coloured with woad. On the inside of each wrist the needle is used to create the runes of the Lightbringers and Sartar. The runes are gone over repeatedly to ensure the woad will take and the colour will be strong. The process is deliberately painful and calls for deep devotion and meditation. She meditates for the remainder of the day, leaving the Temple when Yelm sets. No healing for this. That defeats the purpose. These are about making her think and remember. She says nothing about them to Berra on the walk home. When she gets home, there’s a message from the Temple of Humakt, reminding her that she must begin observing the geasa they set for her tonight.