VS 047 Painting the town red

Varanis — 1626 0678 Lanasha

????, Fire Season


Fire Season, sometime after arriving in Nochet. Something about being in this city brings out the worst in Varanis. [[[s01:session-34|After session 34]]]


The Temple of Vinga is often subject to eddies of wind, pushing banners about and sometimes descending to whip the hair of and cloaks of those passing through. Today, the wind is mostly still, boiled into lifelessness by the hot sun, without even the strength to cool the practice yard. Silence rules there, although a few hardy souls are exercising alone, in fragments of shade that they have stolen from Yelm by the walls.

The long walk from gate to steps is disturbed only by the fall of the fountain, and even that is much reduced. Those foolish enough to be called hardy are moving slowly, taxing their muscles in ways that will not bring out an instant sweat.

Varanis makes her way towards the steps, leaving the guard who accompanied her standing outside the gate. She is dressed simply, at least for her. Her armour is being cleaned back at House Saiciae, so she is dressed in a light tunic suitable for the heat. Her hair is once again piled on her head in the Saiciae style, which thankfully gets much of it off the back of her neck.1Varanis tries and fails a scan roll.

Lanasha makes an appearance

Varanis prays to Vinga. She also asks to speak to the High Priestess, but Leika is away from the temple for the afternoon. She decides to look for Leika again on her way back through Nochet later. She steps from the relative cool interior of the temple, back into the oppressive heat of Nochet in Fire Season.

Heat shimmer dances over the temple grounds, the practice yard, the fountain, and the vision in white and bronze who is practicing soaring over the tracks of previous practice. Lanasha is making graceful arcs in the air, twirling and twisting. She takes a few moments to spot Varanis and come in to land.

Varanis smiles appreciatively, as she watches the other woman. “Hello again,” she says by way of greeting.

Lanasha smiles her generous smile. “Survived, I see? And I’m armoured, and ready to play the part of a bodyguard, and there is… fruit… in the future. Can’t you get a servant to do that, while we do something fun?”

Acting on impulse

They race to the Gate and begin an evening of rabble-rousing. Within a few hours, Lanasha is drunk, and trying to kiss everyone, including Varanis, as she shows off to the one person she is not kissing, a short, dark-haired guard with a big Death Rune on her shield and an expression of bemusement.

Varanis is giggling and half-heartedly pushing Lanasha away. “Enough! I should go home. I’m supposed to be leaving for Rhigos tomorrow.”


  • 1
    Varanis tries and fails a scan roll.
  • 2
    Varanis’ player is asked to roll on insight. Roll is successful.
  • 3
    Interjection from GM: ((Once you’ve had quack, you always come back))
  • 4
    Water Rune roll says make stupid choices.
  • 5
    Rolled Air twice – once for pride, score critical, and once for rune spell.
  • 6
    Successful roll on jump, to control the landing.
  • 7
    Thank Vinga. Rolled 1 on First Aid.
  • 8
    Took a couple of rolls to get success.
  • 9
    Varanis rolls 17 on dodge, the guard fails his wrestling roll.
  • 10
    21/40 for bargain roll.
  • 11
    ]Insight: Lanasha’s drinking away her emotions, and is about to take home someone to help her forget.[
  • 12
    Successful scan roll
  • 13
    Successful Detect enemy spell. There is nothing here that wishes Varanis harm.
  • 14
    Successful dodge roll, even with -10 for drunkenness
  • 15
    Successful attack. The earth keeps opening up nearby.
  • 16
    Damnit. Totally failed that dodge.
  • 17
    Varanis fails multiple attempts to get free, failing STR resistance rolls
  • 18
    Just rolled 5 on air. Figuring pride is really kicking in now. And probably rage. Oh dear.
  • 19
    And rolls 3 failing attempts to break free.
  • 20
    Ten rolls, number 3 was a 17. Number 10 was finally a 009. No fumbles but a crap ton of failure.