VS 104 Healers or Humakti?

Varanis — 1626 0767 Healers Humakti

????, Earth Season, Season/Disorder Week


Earth Season/Disorder Week/Godday [[[s02:session-3|Session 3]]]
On the road between Wilmskirk and Whitewall
Follows immediately after [http://journeyoftheheroes.wikidot.com/varanis:1626-0765-sparring Sparring and other discourse]


It’s evening and the group has camped beside the road, halfway between Wilmskirk and Whitewall. Varanis and Berra have done some sparring and then collapsed into the grass for a long talk. After a while, Berra gets up and heads in the direction of Salid and Varanis goes looking for her cousin Mellia.

Mellia, luckily for Varanis, isn’t snuggling Venlar at the moment. Venlar seems to be talking to Yamia. Mellia seems to be settling for what probably won’t be lots of sleep. “Hello, Varanis!”

“Hi Mellia,” the Vingan responds softly.

Venlar and Yamia are out of earshot. Mellia and Venlar’s thralls are setting up a nice, private place to sleep on the ground. Mellia replies, “I am so glad we got out of Wilmskirk without more fighting.”

“Me too,” Varanis admits, as she approaches the Healer. “Berra and I were talking. About Yamia.” The change of subject is abrupt, but the way she presents it makes it clear that this is why she came to see Mellia in the first place.

Mellia nods and sits down a little ways away from the thralls. She pats the ground next to her.

Varanis settles down next to her cousin. “I don’t say this to call your judgement into question, please know that. But, what if we are approaching Yamia’s problem the wrong way? What if what she needs isn’t Chalana Arroy, but Humakt? Berra reminded me that Humakt is about separation, and Yamia no longer knows how to separate herself from anything.”

Mellia admits, “I honestly don’t know what to do for Yamia. I gather she’s been spending quite a bit of time in meditation. I’m not sure she can get more Humakt.”

“But maybe she needs a priest, rather than a healer? Or… much as I hate to suggest it, maybe there’s a relevant HeroQuest that can help her.” The Vingan stares thoughtfully in the direction of Yamia and her brother.

“I honestly do not know,” says Mellia. “I fervently hope someone at the Great Hospital does. There’s a temple of Humakt in Nochet. We can take her there for advice. We can’t turn around and go to Boldhome, Varanis. I don’t think Venlar and Yamia would get there safely now even without us.”

“Oh, I know. I was just thinking that if we meet Jaldis, it’s worth asking her. And perhaps we should ask at the Humakti temple too. We should keep our minds open on this.” Varanis plucks at the grass. Judging by the grass stains on her fingernails, she’s been doing that a lot.

“I intend to ask Jaldis to look at Yamia. I hope she can come up with something helpful. Maybe we should ask at the Humakti temple in Whitewall as well. “

“We could send you and Berra, once Yamia is safely settled at an inn. Taking her to the Temple might be too much.” Varanis considers, then adds, “Or Venlar and Berra. But one of you should probably stay with her. Mind you, Dormal might be able to do that. She seems to like him and he seems to be surprisingly concerned for her welfare.”

Mellia agrees, “Dormal has been remarkably good at calming Yamia. I think I had better go with Berra to the Humakti. Yamia might want to go to the Humakti temple anyway.”

“Anyway, I just wanted to suggest it. How has the journey been for her so far?”

“Much better than I feared,” replies Mellia. “I only had to put her to sleep twice.”

“How has it been for you, then?”

“Reasonably good. I have been taking care to rest when I grow tired. I think the journey is doing me good. How have you been?”

Varanis shrugs. “You know me. Being in the rearguard makes me grumpy sometimes.” Perhaps for the first time, Mellia notices that Varanis is rather grubbier than usual. The dust from the road has dulled the sheen of her armour and her face bears the marks of the day’s travel.

Mellia smiles a little. “We could both probably use a bath.”

“Well, perhaps seeing me this way will soften High Healer Jaldis towards me somewhat. Let her think I’ve been taken down a step or two.” Varanis laughs wryly. “Or it will just confirm what she believes to be true.”

“I think you should avoid the High Healer. I’m serious. Did I tell you what I found in the Wilmskirk reliquary?”

Varanis raises an eyebrow in response, but shakes her head at Mellia’s question.

“A picture of Red Robes, with a piece of her robe used as the robe in the picture. Jaldis meant me to find that. I’m not sure why.”

“Hmmm. That’s intriguing. I wonder what it means.”

“I wish I knew,” the healer replies.

“I’ll do my best to stay out of her way. You should think about taking a nap before you go to bed. You don’t seem to be getting much sleep lately.” Varanis manages to look innocent.

“I will do that,” Mellia answers. “The exercise is good for me and it is good to be reminded to take time for myself. Have you been sleeping well?”

Varanis laughs. “I’m fine.”1Mellia rolls insight successfully. Varanis is fine-ish – under the dust, there are dark circles beneath her eyes.

“You look like you need more sleep,” Mellia observes. “Sure you don’t want some herbs?”

“I think I’ve had enough herbs after that stint in Wilmskirk last time,” Varanis says. “I’m fine, I promise. I just have a lot to think about and you don’t really need my burdens added to yours. You have enough with your soon-to-be sister and thinking about your marriage negotiations.”

Mellia purses her lips. “I would rather hear your burdens than see you fall ill, Varanis.”

The Vingan considers. The blade of glass in her fingers is methodically destroyed, strip by strip. “It’s just…” She sighs. “Am I Saiciae or Colymar? Can I be both? I don’t really know what Grandmother’s reception of me will be. If Dormal is right, then perhaps I have failed her. But, even so, I know I have done what I believe to be right. I find myself wondering… if Grandmother thinks I made the wrong decision by aiding Kallyr and not seeking the throne for myself then maybe that gives me my answer.”

“Maybe it does,” Mellia comments. “We did what was right, Varanis. That’s more important than doing what is in Grandmother’s best interests.”

“I know. And I’m good with our decision. I would make it again. I just don’t know what it will mean for me if Grandmother doesn’t understand that.” The Vingan looks very serious.

Mellia looks thoughtful. “I doubt she’ll do worse than throw you out of the clan. It is possible to survive that. Eril is a fine example.”

Varanis laughs at that. She laughs until she can’t breathe and tears begin to make streaks in the dust on her face. At Mellia’s look of concern, she waves a hand dismissively. At last, between breaths, she manages, “I’m fine! … It’s just… I hadn’t… considered that. Two clans… one trying to kill me… the other casting me out!” She falls into the laughter again. “I’m so very talented.”

Mellia, who has seen this kind of laughter before, tries to hug Varanis. “No matter what, you are my cousin and I love you. Everything will sort itself out.”

Varanis allows herself to be hugged and even returns the embrace. “Truly, I’m fine Mellia. It’s just that I’ve made such a muddle of things. I think that really must be my strongest talent. Can you just imagine if they actually had named me Kallyr’s heir?”

“I don’t think that’s your strongest talent at all. The current muddle isn’t your fault. It’s Leika’s fault for being greedy and impatient.”

“Perhaps. But will Grandmother see it that way? Kallyr’s solution was to send me away. I understand her reasoning and well, at least it’s for something happy. But…” She shrugs helplessly.

“But it would be nice to be welcomed like the heroes we are,” says Mellia, “and this looks a lot like Kallyr not being willing to defend her rescuers. I understand too, but it still hurts.”

This gets an answering nod from her cousin. “I should leave you be. You still need that nap, before you go to bed.” Varanis gives Mellia an overtly lascivious wink.

Mellia chuckles, with a twinkle in her eye. “Indeed. You get some sleep too and remind me to make time for Xenofos. Good night, Varanis.”

“Rest well, Mellia.” Varanis rises from the ground with long-limbed grace. “Don’t forget to speak to Xenofos.”

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    Mellia rolls insight successfully. Varanis is fine-ish – under the dust, there are dark circles beneath her eyes.