VS 103 Sparring and other discourse

Varanis — 1626 0765 Sparring

????, Earth Season, Season/Disorder Week


Earth Season/Disorder Week/Godday [[[s02:session-3|Session 3]]]
On the road between Wilmskirk and Whitewall
Followed by [http://journeyoftheheroes.wikidot.com/varanis:1626-0767-healers-humakti Healers or Humakti?]


At the end of the day, after camp is set up, Varanis comes looking for Berra.

Berra has been riding on the back of Yamia’s wagon all day, and then had a quick talk with Salid when the guard roster was being set. Apparently, the Trollkin was in charge of the caravan. Now, however, she is walking up and down as she eats a bowl of soaked hard-bread mashed with berries. She scarfs it down like a peasant who has learned infantry tactics.

“Berra?” The Vingan’s question heralds her approach. “Do you feel up to training tonight?” Varanis is dust-covered from being at the back of the pack most of the day. Her plaited hair is wispy around her face.

Berra, mostly free of dust, says, “Of course. It pretty much counts as prayer for me, you know?” She holds up the bowl. “Give me one moment. I’ll work out what we’re doing while I finish this.”

Varanis grunts her agreement and takes the time to loosen up muscles made stiff by the long ride.

Berra finishes off and then is quietly amazed when one of Venlar’s thralls takes her bowl and spoon. She stares for a moment, but it is too late to snatch them back, so instead she goes to find two wooden swords. When she returns to Varanis she is smiling. “So. We’ve done a lot of line changes and drills lately. You’re starting to learn the weight of it all – but we haven’t put you under stress for a while… Let’s spar.”

That gets an answering smile and a ready agreement. Varanis’ eyes glint eagerly, but her manner is respectful as she holds her hands open to receive a training sword from Berra.

Berra hands one over, and then begins to check the one Varanis will use. “I’m not going to give it any rules or any other targets, and I won’t be holding back much. Just give it your best go. We’re trying to make you remember you have a broadsword, not a rapier.” Her thumb finds a splinter and she scrapes it off with a bit of flint from a small pouch. She no longer carries the complicated belt, now her armour weighs more, but some tools always go with her.

Varanis looks over the sword Berra has handed her, giving a quick nod of agreement as her reply. When she doesn’t find any splinters or other concerns, she watches Berra work with the other practice blade.

When Berra is done she offers it. “We have plenty of people on the watch roster, so feel free to go on for as long as you can, or as long as I can. Or until the Enlo make a noise we want to listen to.” She seems relaxed. Maybe watching the world go by has made her happy.

There’s a spot on the far side of the camp, away from the road, that Varanis points out. “It’s relatively flat and out of people’s way,” she says by way of explanation.

“Good good,” Berra says. Over by another flat spot, Venlar’s people are setting up a little private area with cloaks and blankets as walls, for him. Berra ignores that, and goes to take up a stance of prayer, briefly stretching into the Y position, sword in her right hand, shield at her feet. It takes her only a few seconds, and then she picks up her shield and all but dances her way into a position from which she could attack.1Berra’s player suggests: one Broadsword roll for attack, and one for Defense, for the session, to see how they do in general. Berra gets two passes, Varanis has a pass and a fail. Interpretation: Concentrating on the sword, so Varanis doesn’t always remember there is a Berra, but she’s mostly competent.

Show Sparring practice

Varanis is panting, having pushed herself hard. She has a few bruises already looking colourful. Her shield leg, in particular bears stripes, both on the muscle side and the inside of the thigh. In spite of this, she grins at Berra.

Berra nods. “Well done. You put in one crippling blow there, and a couple of very good ones.” Then she drops her shield, puts the sword down on it carefully, and dedicates a little time to breathing. There, at least, Varanis has the advantage.

The Vingan sets her own shield down carefully, laying the waster across it. Pushing her helm back on her head, she reaches for her water flask and offers it to Berra first.

Berra manages to chug some down, although there is a little spluttering and she spills some down her scale armour. “I needed that,” she admits.

“I’d have been dead several times over,” Varanis admits ruefully.

“Well, yes. But at least you’d have died competent.”

“I kept forgetting to block. Too eager to engage. I was like that when I first started to learn the rapier too. All attack and no defense.” She shakes her head.

“Better than the other way around. One of them gives you a chance of winning. Winning means surviving.” Berra remembers she is still holding the water bottle, takes one more mouthful, and then hands it back.

The Vingan takes a long pull of the water before returning her flask to her hip. “I wanted to ask you something. Unless you want to keep going? We can talk later if you want to keep training.”

“No, this is good. I … now I think about it, I need to not be bruised, because Yamia is not going to like it if I am. Ask away.” Berra sits down on the ground, leans back on her hands, and then flops onto the grass. “Urrrgh.”

Show Conversation

“Yeah. Good idea.” Berra grabs her shield by flipping it up with her foot, and catching it. “We have some time rostered together, if you want to talk later.” And off she goes.

Varanis plucks another blade of grass and watches Berra go. Soon after, she rises gracefully to her feet and goes looking for Mellia.

  • 1
    Berra’s player suggests: one Broadsword roll for attack, and one for Defense, for the session, to see how they do in general. Berra gets two passes, Varanis has a pass and a fail. Interpretation: Concentrating on the sword, so Varanis doesn’t always remember there is a Berra, but she’s mostly competent.
  • 2
    Varanis passes insight roll: When she talks about being Colymar, Berra’s words seem to come from a place that is all confidence. As she talks about pride, she acts it unconsciously. Being Colymar is a thing that she knows without having to think about it.
  • 3
    Berra passes an insight roll. When Varanis talks about Nochet, there’s warmth, maybe even longing in the word. But when she talks about her clan, it’s completely absent.
  • 4
    Varanis passes insight roll: Berra is cut up about this. It is not the conversation, but the underlying situation. She is probably resigned to the matter, but it is still hurting.