Bedside Visit

1627, Sea Season, Fertility Week


At an inn at Duck Point, after Session 2.38 (Seeder Forest). Xenofos comes to check on Varanis.


After a short while or half eternity has passed there is a knock on Varanis’ door. She calls out, “who?”

“It is me, Xenofos.” comes a quiet answer.

Muffled sounds come from behind the closed door, then a thump, and a curse. Finally, he hears “Enter.”

He opens the door softly and looks around for remains of a possible barricade.

“Did I wake you up” he inquires?

There’s a stool tipped over behind the door. That was probably the source of the thump. Varanis is sitting on her sleeping pallet, breathing rapidly from the effort she’d just expended. She doesn’t look great. Her hair is plastered to her head and her shift clings damply. The smell of stale sweat is in the air.

“No. Not really. I can’t sleep.”

“You do look pretty awful, Ranie. Is there something I can do?”

She shoves her hair away from her face. He notices her hand shaking as she does so. “Hot water for washing?” She avoids his eyes as she adds, “Lumiviiva? I need to get on my feet again. It helped last time.”

“Hot water I think I can manage. Lumiviiva? I would not have the faintest idea where to look for it.” He strokes his beard thoughtfully. “And last time you took Solaska’s poppy you complained of really bad nightmares.”

“Maybe you could check in the town? There must be an apothecary.” The look she turns on him is pleading. “If not lumiviiva, they might have something else. I need to shake this.”

“I have remains of some herbs Mellia gave me for sleep? And essence of poppy I stocked in Boldhome – just in case. Sleeping through that should help it. If it is hazia like Valseena thought it will pass with time.”

“I don’t want to sleep,” Varanis snaps. “I have too much to do.”

“You are not really in any shape to do anything right now, Ranie. Lumiviiva will hardly change that. But I will go and order water so you can get yourself cleaned up. Maybe that will make you feel better.” He turns around and leaves the room. As he leaves, he catches some choice curses. They don’t appear to be directed at him personally.