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Varanis — 1626 0616 Letters Home

????, Sea Season


End of Sea Season – Irillo is heading back to Nochet and Varanis has asked him to transport some letters home for her. [[[s01:session-30|Written after Session 30]]]


A letter to her sister, Mirava (No major spoilers.)

Sister, it has been a long time since we have spoken. I hope this letter finds you and your daughters doing well. It must be coming close to time for the eldest to go to Imarja’s Temple.

I’m certain you know by now that Grandmother has sent me to Sartar. There are things that I wish I could say, but I won’t commit them to writing. Talk to our cousin and he can explain. I don’t know when, or even if, I will return home.

Shelter in Ernalda’s love and keep your children under Her cloak. Send my love to our brothers. I’m sorry.

A letter to her Factor (No spoilers.)

Evalta, I am in Sartar for longer than I had originally planned and I do not yet know when I will return to Esrolia. For now, continue to manage the hides as you have done for these past few years. I have faith in your skills and in the Gods. If anything is required that you need help with, contact Grandmother in Nochet and she will make the arrangements. -VS

A letter to Grandmother (Potential spoilers.)

Grandmother, I send you greetings and hope that all fares well at home. My cousins will update you on many of the details of what has passed since coming here, I am certain. I suspect that Dormal’s report will be less than flattering, as we have not seen eye to eye for some time. He offered me a choice on the road, between my Honour and my commitment to you. I had only his word, and well… you know Dormal. Regardless, long ago you gave me to Vinga; I am the woman you shaped through that choice. Now you have sent me into Sartar, trusting me to make my way and I am doing so. I do not forget what you have given to me. -VS