1628, Dark Season, Disorder Week, Waterday


After a traumatic day at the end of the Heroquest of Eril, the group (minus Berra) got drunk, and Varanis let them all share her bed. Now she has to wake up. Session SA3.13.


Varanis was clearly far too intoxicated to deal with any of the fuss as she somehow managed to sleep through it. When she wakes in the morning, she is puzzled for several minutes. There are a lot of extra limbs in the bed. Gingerly, she disentangles herself and sits up. There’s a hawk in her room staring balefully at her? And… are those duck feathers by her feet? And… she blinks several times, shakes her head, then winces. Finally, she just flops back down into the bed and closes her eyes again.From downstairs is the sound of a crash, and a quack.

Varanis sits back up.

Varanis disentangles herself from the others in her bed then stares down at herself wondering how she ended up in the state she’s in. She’s wearing a linen under tunic and not much else and the tunic is rumpled as only linen gets. A hand to her head confirms that yes, it really does ache that much and hey… it’s almost as though her hair hurts. But now that she’s upright, her bladder has also informed her that it’s awake. She glares balefully at the hawk then makes her way to the door.

The latrine is past the kitchen, and before she gets there, she finds the source of the problem. The current problem. “Of coursze I didtn’t knock it off! I’m helping to clear it up!”

Devolin is covered with flour, and Ore is looking at him in amazement. Such brazenness. “I saw you do it!”

“I wasz makingg a heroickk attempdt to ssstop itd!”

“Eurmal,” Varanis says in a voice that promises retribution, “stay there and shut up.” Without waiting for a reply, she slips into the latrine. When she’s done, she takes advantage of the urn and basin Ore keeps by the latrine door to wash her face as well as her hands. Now she has time for Devolin.

Even while she is dealing with her own most pressing problem, he is telling Ore, “Now you are going to be in trouble. Shhe knowsz my worrth!”

“Ore, I’m sorry for the mess. I’ll deal with him, I suppose. I suppose I have to.” To Devolin, she says, “How did you end up as my problem?” She winces. “And why are there little monkeys playing the drums in my head?” She reaches for the Durulz, clearing intending to grab him by the nearest feathers.

“Well, you promiszed to look after me!” Devolin preens, but steps back. “Juszt before I helppedt you sstop the Bat!”

“And don’t you want to make sure that I don’t change my mind?” she says, following him.

“Ooh, and make a liar of yourtself and your friendsuh?” Devolin keeps going backwards.

Varanis is trying to herd him out of the kitchen.

He chooses the outside door to back up against, the one that leads to the courtyard. As he hits the door he lifts one hand to move the bar up, and despite that the door stays closed. There is a latch above the bar, ruining his getaway.

“Now Devolin,” Varanis says as she closes in, “the thing about being my Eurmal is that I get to decide your punishments as much as your rewards. I’m very pleased that you helped Berra again. That’s good. And that’s why I won’t kill you for climbing into my bed. But, you do not ever want to enter my bedroom again. Ever.” Her headache is making her glare extra crispy this morning. Her hair looks like someone tried to nest in it and that seems to add an element of wildness to her. There is something decidedly menacing about a tired, hungover, and angry Varanis today.1Passed Intimidate

Devolin drops the bar forwards, towards her feet.2002 on POW to be lucky with how it fell.

Dodging the bar, she makes a grab for him.3Pass the dodge. Grapple would be a pass, but perhaps there should be penalties given she’s trying to dodge and grapple and holy Vingan, her head hurts.

He ducks4Of course he does, but he also passes Dodge, dashes past her legs as the bar clatters, and is out into the Praxian room.

With a bellow that surely hurts her more than it will hurt him and likely wakes the house, she charges off in pursuit.

He goes straight under the table, shoving the bench out to the left with a scrape and then a thump as it falls over.

And from upstairs, there is THUMP. Possibly the sound of a sleep deprived Grazelander coming to investigate the fuss….

This is followed by some more thuds, not quite as emphatic as the first.

Varanis heads to the front door to make sure it’s locked.

There is a shout of, “I WANT BREAKFAST!” in a toddler voice from Berra’s room.

Devolin, meanwhile, doubles back into the kitchen, where this time he spots the latch.

“You demented duck! Get back here!!!!!”

Finarvi half-falls down the stairs, broadsword half-drawn, looking sleep-mussed and fuzzy and not exactly awake. Or sober.

He pulls up at the sight of enraged Vingan, but doesn’t relax.

Varanis launches herself through the kitchen to tackle the duck. Or at least the door.

The duck dashes out, slamming the door behind him, which is yet another loud noise.

Finarvi winces.

The Vingan cannot stop herself in time. She crashes into the door. Hard.5“000 on a DEX*5. Varanis breaks her own neck chasing a Eurmali duck while hungover and half-naked. It is an ignoble death.” – Varanis

“BREAKFAAAAST!” Haran has a good set of lungs. Fortunately, the next thing he shouts is, “NO TICKLES,” and then at least the giggling is a bit quieter.

“Ugh.” – Finarvi pushes the sword the rest of the way back into its sheath and rubs a hand over his face. “Varanis, why are you trying to kill Devolin? And who put a dead mouse in my mouth?”

Varanis glares blearily up at the Grazelander from her position on the floor. “You know, I don’t even remember now,” she says.

He blinks at her. “Probably Serala, then. Or maybe Mouse. I didn’t imagine that, did I?” He looks at the door, then at Varanis. “Oh. I thought he would at least stay for breakfast.”

“Why was Mouse leaving bird droppings on my floor?” – Varanis asks, a plaintive note creeping into her voice.

“That’s what birds do. No thought for what’s under ’em. Would it be impolite to wake Maalira for some of her remedies?”

“I think I’m just going to stay here for a bit. The floor is nice and cool. The latrine is close…” Varanis sighs. “You don’t mind, do you, Ore?”

  • 1
    Passed Intimidate
  • 2
    002 on POW to be lucky with how it fell.
  • 3
    Pass the dodge. Grapple would be a pass, but perhaps there should be penalties given she’s trying to dodge and grapple and holy Vingan, her head hurts.
  • 4
    Of course he does, but he also passes Dodge
  • 5
    “000 on a DEX*5. Varanis breaks her own neck chasing a Eurmali duck while hungover and half-naked. It is an ignoble death.” – Varanis