VS 150 Releasing

Varanis — 1626 0840 Releasing

????, Earth Season, Stasis Week


Earth Season, Stasis Week, Fireday Morning. [[[s02:session-11|Session 11]]]


It is after Berra has got up and gone out to greet the sun with her usual ritual of violence. A knock on the door heralds someone who is not her.

Varanis is midway through buckling her armour into place, but pauses to answer her door.

The red bird gives a whistle of rising and falling.

Yamia is there, her hair unbound, dressed in a simple tunic and long skirt, her sword girt in place. It takes her a moment to focus on Varanis.

“Hello, Yamia. Can I help you?” The Vingan looks confused, but covers it by falling back on courtesy.

“I came to ask if Berra was here. I would like to borrow the armour again.”

The bird makes a soft, gentle trill that ends by trailing away. Yamia looks that way curiously.

“Berra has gone to train. She’s always up well before Yelm’s rise.” Varanis stifles a yawn. “You’ll find her in the courtyard.”

The red bird hops into view, leaving its shelter. Yamia’s curiosity grows, but all she does is bow. “Thank you.” She is too close to the door to close it politely.

Varanis glances over her shoulder to see what has caught Yamia’s eye. “She was a gift,” she says as she spots the bird. “I can’t release her until her feathers grow back.”

“But they have been cut,” she says. “Squeamish for plucking?”

Varanis looks perplexed. “What?”

“I will do it for you if you want.” Yamia bends down to offer the bird a finger to hop to.

“Wait. What? You’ll pluck her?!” Consternation rises in Varanis’ voice.

“It will let the feathers grow back. If you want to keep a bird, you cut it. If you pluck they escape. You have to keep doing it.” Yamia holds the tiny red feathered thing now, and it shows no fear or aggression.

“Will that hurt her?” Varanis sounds unconvinced.

“Of course it will. Then it will be free.” Yamia holds up the bird, her face an offer. “It might kill a dove, but not a tough bird like this.”

Varanis takes a deep breath, then gives a decisive nod. “Do you need anything?” she asks.

There is a brief squeak and a tiny scream from the bird and little half-feathers drift down. “No, you told me where Berra was,” replies Yamia, like that is what the question is about. She goes to put the little shattered thing back down. “Give it plenty of space, and it will refledge. And feather foods. Things that are good for nails and claws.”

Varanis looks ill.

“Thank you,” she manages after a short pause.

“Are you in need of anything?” Yamia looks puzzled, as the bird chirps alarm and falls silent. The yellow one wakes and coughs.

Varanis shakes her head. “No. I’m fine.”

“I am the one it will hate. You need not worry.” Yamia gives Varanis a comforting look.

“If this helps her find freedom sooner, then it was worth it.” Varanis might be trying to convince herself.

“Four weeks. Otherwise it would have been half a year. Mating is over, so it would have none new until spring.” Eranda the perky goth Humakti has nothing on this. Yamia believes.

Varanis nods again. “Thank you. Berra’s in the courtyard,” she says. She’s politely encouraging Yamia to leave. Her stormy eyes keep drifting back to the ever-growing bird habitat, seeking out the red-capped warbler.

Yamia gets the hint, and gets all of the feathers.

The bird stays in hiding.

“My poor little one,” Varanis murmurs as she closes the door on the Humakti. “Oh you poor wee thing. What have we done to you?”

No tweet. No warble. Nothing but a second tiny cough from the spirit songstrel.

Varanis is late to sparring.

Later in the afternoon, after Mellia and Venlar have been to visit, Marta will find Varanis asleep on the floor, near but not too near the even larger habitat. Bright bits of string have been added. There are several dishes of different types of foods. A third basin for bathing, surrounded by bricks. Even a gold bauble that has come from the Vingan’s jewelry box.