Discussion with Dormal

1627, Fire Season, Harmony Week


Fire Season, Harmony Week, Godday, at House Saiciae, outside Grandmother’s private chambers. Session 42: Kin-Making


Varanis, freshly scrubbed and dressed in clean clothing, makes her way to the room where Grandmother meets people privately. In the hallway outside, she spots Dormal lurking. Well, to be fair, he is sitting on a bench in a little antechamber, rolling a coin across his knuckles and making it disappear and reappear.1Special on sleight, the coin really does appear to be vanishing.

Varanis pulls up short. “Oh. Dormal. Hello.”

He raises an eyebrow. “Hello. I had heard you were back in town. Tarsh treat you well?”

“Briefly, I think. I needed to talk to Grandmother, before I return to Boldhome.” She considers, then adds, “Well enough, I suppose. I’m still alive. And you? Things in Nochet are good for you?” Her assessing gaze takes in the changes to his clothing and general appearance. He is wearing clothes in good repair but does not appear to be dressed expensively or for a party.

“Events proceed. Things have been interesting of late.”

She arches an eyebrow in response.

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  • 1
    Special on sleight, the coin really does appear to be vanishing.
  • 2
    Critical on Truth and passed love family for once!