VS 015 We Need To Talk

Varanis — 1626 0520 Need To Talk



On the way to the Blue Tree Clan, Xenofos seeks out Varanis for a conversation. After [[[s01:session-26|session 26]]] and just before session 27.


At some dusty hour when Serala and Berra are not riding stirrup to stirrup to Varanis, Xenofos closes on her. “We need to talk.”

Varanis arches an eyebrow at her cousin. “Do we, cousin?” she inquires with stiff courtesy.

“I think so, Good cousin. Since You are becoming a Lady of lands – and more significantly – of people.”

Varanis politely gives him her attention.

“Manners of these lands are foreign to me, but in Esrolia a grant like You were given, in that way it was publicly given would make You a leader and Lady of those companions You give land forward.”

“In Esrolia, yes. But, we are in Sartar, Xenofos. We need to learn what their traditions are,” she replies.

“That is true, but we are Saiciae, and You are Saiciae – and Honour is honour. You cannot grant land with one hand and strike with vengeance with other, that would be infamita.”

“This is also true, cousin. Your point?” The eyebrow lifts again.

“That if You wish to pursue Your revenge, You must strike before You become the landlady of Berra. Or let the matter pass.”

“The matter is in the past, Xenofos. I have spoken to both and it has been resolved to my satisfaction.” Her voice is cold.

Xenofos looks relieved. “That is good to hear. I must confess it would have brought me little joy to attack Berra or the horse barbarian.”

Varanis looks genuinely surprised. “I rather expected you to tell me that I was bringing dishonour to the Clan by not attacking them. That’s certainly what you implied the last time you spoke to me about this.”

“Honour would require it, if it were just a dirty commoner laying her grubby hands on You. And even than I would not enjoy taking the required action. The horsewoman might fit the description still, but there is more to Berra than her stature or outward appearance would indicate.”

“Serala is a noble woman of her own people and no commoner. She is worthy of your respect,” Varanis says fiercely.

“People I’ve seen riding with Lunars to Esrolia. If I did not know that even our own queen Samastina had to vanquish domestic Lunar sympathizers, I would hold the people enemies still. For people have been divided. But there is no love lost from me to Grazelanders, not after burned groves and vineyards of Monros.”

“I understand, cousin. Serala is different. She hates the Lunars much as we do, and maybe has more reason to do so. Like all of us, she lost family fighting against the Lunars. And last year, they wiped out one of her tribe’s settlements completely.” She is no Lunar sympathizer and I, for one, am happy to have her on our side.” Varanis is adamant in support of her friend.

Xenofos shrugs, looking tired “… and what is our side, except hate of Lunars. You’ve been recognized as Varanis of Colymar and may that bring You honour and prosperity. I am afraid this gift from the Prince comes with a dear price, You may soon need all the swords that will support You. You have mine and those of the Saiciae and may Your trust on these others not be misplaced.”

Varanis looks thoughtful. “Thank you, cousin. I’m glad to know that I can count on you. These are…. interesting times for us all, I think.”