VS 025 We Survived

Varanis — 1626 0582 We Survived



After fighting in a Krarsht-worshipping temple, below Rabbit Hat Farm, Green Fish Tula [[[s01:session-32|Session 32]]]


Shortly after the battle, Xenofos seeks out his cousin. They are both a bit shaken by the events. (No major spoilers)

Xenofos checks in on his cousin

Berra also wants to check in on the Vingan. (No major spoilers, but some personal stuff for both characters.)

Berra needs to talk too

Varanis nervously goes to wake the sleeping Storm Bull. (No spoilers)

Varanis wakes Rajar

Varanis heads topside with Rajar, but then seeks out Finarvi. There was a thing she told him that she should probably ask him to be quiet about. (Spoilers here for interpersonal stuff.)

Varanis needs to talk to Finarvi