VS 194 Epilogue

Varanis — 1626 0923a Epilogue



Epilogue to the theft of Death
Follows just after [[[s02:session-21|Session 21]]].


In the warming up tent, while Berra is out checking food. Softly, in Esrolian, he says, “She does not seem to be Humakt anymore. Did you manage to give her Death or is there still a fight ahead?”

“She has recovered Death and no fight is needed.” Varanis leans her head on her cousin’s shoulder. “I’m glad, and not just because I wouldn’t choose to fight her. I don’t think I could fight her right now.”

He strokes her hair lightly. “I think you could… But I am really happy you don’t have to, Ranie.”

She sighs and leans into him. “I feel like I’ve used myself up again.” She laughs quietly. “And here I’ve been, sharing shadows with Vinga and Orlanth, and I still haven’t had the chance to ask her my question.”

“Your question?”

“I wanted to ask Vinga who threatens me here. Who is hunting me? I’m sick of being prey.”

“She might know, yes.”

“But I haven’t been able to ask her.” She sighs again. “I couldn’t tell Vinga from Orlanth or me from either of them.”

“It sounds like one of those things that was meant to happen then. Which is scant consolation, I know.”

“I’m a bit nervous to try again, but I will. Just not right now. Perhaps I’ll close my eyes for a few minutes more.”

He holds her a bit tighter, but gives no other answer.