VS 032 Storm Voice

Varanis — 1626 0625 Stormvoice

????, Sea Season


1626, Sea Season in Clearwine, before the return to Boldhome. [[[s01:session-30|Session 30]]]

Varanis visits the Lightbringers Temple


Varanis heads to the Lightbringers Temple to worship. She specifically seeks out the shrine to Vinga and spends some time in prayer to her Goddess.

She seeks out Storm Voice Dennel and approaches him with appropriate courtesy, albeit an Esrolian understanding of appropriate courtesy due to a High Priest. Because she’s trying to get a read on him, makes small talk about the service.

He’s cautiously welcoming. Thoughtful.

Finally, she says, “I want to serve Vinga better. Storm Voice, do you have any advice for this Initiate?”

He ponders, “Which Vinga? Decide that first.”

“This is the problem, Storm Voice. What I want is to serve Vinga Adventurous, but what I feel driven to is Vinga Rex. I just don’t know if that drive is coming from the Goddess or from others. If She is calling me, I must answer.”

The old priest tells her, “Well, there is time yet.. and you can follow both aspects in your own Tula.”

“The Lunars are coming and I intend to be fighting them. I can’t do that from my Tula. But to be a more powerful weapon, I need to strengthen my connection to Vinga.” She speaks with conviction.

“Then be Vinga Adventurous,” he says firmly.

A look of impatience crosses her face, but is quickly schooled. “I think that I have asked my question poorly. In Nochet, there were only two ways to develop my skills and my faith. Train at the Temple or leave Nochet in search of better options. I am trying to see what paths exist in Sartar. I could offer service and seek training at the Temple in Boldhome. I could live in my Tula and try to figure things out there. Perhaps I could seek service with Kallyr or Leika. I could make my way to the Temple at Tarthcaer. But am I missing something?”

Their conversation is interrupted then, by another priest who has urgent business for the Storm Voice. Without answering her question, Dennel makes his goodbyes and leaves to handle more important things than the questions of an indecisive young woman, who is a foreigner regardless of her possible relations.