Servant and her Mistress

1627, Fire Season, Harmony Week


Fire Season, Harmony Week, Wildday at House Saiciae. Session 2.42: Kin-Making


Immediately after the wedding, Varanis heads in the direction of her room, telling Xenofos that she needs to clean up before seeing Grandmother.

When turning at a corner she comes face to face with a servant. It is Marta. She drops the jug she was holding and drops to her knees with a shriek. ” Blessed is the day that brings my mistress back, praised be Imarja for letting my little bird fly back to me.” She is sobbing as she hugs Varanis’ knees.

“Marta!” Varanis exclaims. She stumbles slightly as she struggles to maintain her balance.

Gently, the Vingan tries to disentangle herself.

Marta is holding her pretty tight. Despite the Sartarite trews, muddy and showing evidence of long rides.

“Marta, I’m here. It’s ok. Please get up… you’ll get all muddy.” Varanis tries to tug her serving woman to her feet, but can’t find a hand to grasp.

Something seems to get through, for she rises, holding Varanis’ arm and stroking dust off it gently. She shakes her head “Oh, look at you all dusty and in need of a bath… and proper meal. You have not eaten properly I wager…”

Varanis smiles warmly. “You might be right,” she admits. She folds Marta into hug – shocking behaviour for a lady of the House, especially with a servant. But she does it anyway, resting her chin on top of the older woman’s head. “I’ve missed your fussing.”

“Hush, mistress.” She is blinking rapidly and trying to disengage. “Now get yourself directly in to the baths. Do not even try to leave those clothes in your rooms. I will get you something to wear and see that those are cleaned properly….”

Varanis lets go, stepping back to give Marta her space. Spying the jug on the floor, she scoops it up. “Good thing this was empty,” she says with a grin. “I admit, I’ve been looking forward to a bath. You know, the last bath I had was in a dragonewt city?”

She shakes her head. “And your hair…”

“It’s longer since the last time you saw it,” Varanis points out merrily. Seeing another servant gawping at them, she hands him the jug. She links her arm through Marta’s and starts to steer her in the direction of the baths and away from prying eyes. “Tell me about the affairs of the House,” she suggests as they go.