VS 046 Grandmother

1626, Fire Season, Harmony Week


Fire Season, Late evening after Varanis, Xenofos, Serala, and Finarvi arrived in Nochet and met with Grandmother. Varanis returns for a follow-up conversation. [[[s01:session-34|After Session 34]]]


After parting ways with the Grazelanders for a while, Varanis returns for a private conversation with Grandmother Saiciae. She has a lot of questions.

“Grandmother, did you know the history of the older pieces of my armour when you gave it to me?” Varanis’ tone is respectful, but her words are forward.

Grandmother nods. “Of course “

“Why didn’t you warn me?” Varanis is genuinely confused.

“Would it have helped you to appear innocent if you had known?” Grandmother’s reply is presented in a reasonable tone.

Varanis raises her eyebrow. “Did you have any particular agenda in sending me to Sartar in the first place, Grandmother? Some reason that I needed to appear innocent?”

The powerful Esrolian Grandmother gives a very faint smile, “If you went with an agenda of your own you would be seen as a plotting Esrolian. I have saved you from that.”

Varanis nods reluctantly. “So you did. Can you tell me anything of my Colymar grandmother? Berra?”

“Only a little. She came to us seeking protection and breathing space. We gave it. An alliance of blood was a happy accident.” Grandmother appears unsurprised by the sudden directional change in the conversation.

Varanis leaps to another question. “Are my siblings safe? With me being out more openly and with people knowing about the connections to Sartar now, I am worried that I have exposed them and their children to greater risk.”

“They are safe. They are not in the cauldron of Sartar.”

Varanis nods. “I’m going to need Dormal’s assistance with the quest to relight the Flame. He and I are not on the best of terms right now, but his cooperation is essential. If he proves reluctant, will you consider encouraging him?”

“I shall think on it. For the good of the House… and Esrolia.” Grandmother’s tone is non-committal.1Varanis failed both insight and intrigue. Clearly Grandmother is inscrutable.

Finally, Varanis asks, “If we need a little more muscle in Rhigos, is there a warrior you’d be willing to send with us? Not for Dormal, but possibly to help us retrieve him if need be. And perhaps to have my back as we head into that particular city. I’ve heard stories of it, of course, but have never been there. And while the Grazelanders are excellent companions and fierce with their bows, they too will be strangers in Rhigos.”

“I can lend you a few, yes.”

“Thank you. Just a couple would be good. Shall I make arrangements with Serzeen to see who is available?”

The older woman has grown tired of the questions and just nods whilst waving Varanis away, dismissively. She turns her attention to the great snake who has been sleeping coiled at her feet, but now begins to climb the chair she sits in. Varanis bows and turns away, wearing a mask of calm as she makes her way down the corridors of House Saiciae.

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    Varanis failed both insight and intrigue. Clearly Grandmother is inscrutable.