Letters between cousins

1628, Early Dark Season


Varanis receives a letter from Mellia and has to reply immediately.


Dear Varanis,

I hope this letter finds you well. I have heard rumors of your heroic deeds, but wish I could hear them from you.

I have news: I am pregnant! All praise to Ernalda! Don’t worry, I am being very careful. I’m going to try to get the pregnancy blessed. The women here have lots of good advice.

Blue Tree has been fairly quiet lately. Yehna and the children are well and growing like weeds.

Much love,


Dear Mellia,
That is truly wonderful news for both you and Venlar. I am so pleased for you. I imagine Thenaya is truly ecstatic. Venlar will make a wonderful father.

If you come to Boldhome, I am sure that Kalis would bless the pregnancy for you. She is very generous with her blessings.

Actually, I was hoping you might come to Boldhome anyway. Berra’s not well and Maalira is doing her best, but she needs help, I think.

I understand if you are reluctant to travel in Dark Season, especially given your pregnancy, but I hope you will consider it.

Oh! And have you sent word to Grandmother Saiciae? She will surely want to know as soon as possible. The old spider likes to be kept apprised of such things.

With love,

Your cousin

Dear Varanis,

Thenaya’s ecstatic. She is weaving baby blankets. Venlar is walking on air at the thought of being a father. He is writing everyone he knows.

I am much disturbed by your news of Berra. Maalira is a good healer. I am consulting Thenaya, Tathia and the Ernaldans about the journey. I’m probably coming to Boldhome.

I wrote to my mother about this. Given the distance to Nochet, she may not know until the baby is born.

Much love,