VS 177 Road Trip

Varanis — 1626 0894 Roadtrip

????, Earth Season


End of Earth Season, as Nala, Berra, and Xenofos prepare to leave for Prax [[[s02:session-18|Session 18]]]


Waterday has rain, and a wind from the sea that means boats must beat out against the weather, and most ships simply stay snug in harbour, letting their oarsmen rest. The weather is not bad, nor has it turned for winter yet, but it is not conducive to leaving by sea-going vessel.

Varanis, having failed to gain an audience with her [http://journeyoftheheroes.wikidot.com/varanis:1626-0893-pavisbound Grandmother], decides to change into her armour and head for her temple. Irritable and flustered, she neglects to inform anyone of her departure, nor does she takes guards. Both of these facts are likely noted by the guard at the palazzo gate, though he does not comment.

Having come out of the Palazzo and being pretty sure that she is not being followed, it is therefore almost obvious that she should check in front of her and up on the roofs as well. So as she does that she hears a, “Me?” from just behind. A woman’s voice. It sounds quiet, but like quietness is unusual.

Varanis glances back over her shoulder, caught by the noise.1Failed scan allowed her to be caught off guard.

Lanasha is there, and gives Varanis a little smile. “You were in your own thoughts,” she says. “Is this a bad time?”

Show surprise Vingan

Having come to a plan at last, Varanis goes in search of Rajar.

Show Conversation with Rajar

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    Failed scan allowed her to be caught off guard.
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    Insight: Lanasha is trying very hard not to think about something else. This conversation has become Very Important to her.
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    And a 002 on loyalty White Bull finally brings an answer.