VS 136 Burning the Candle: It’s a Trap!

Varanis — 1626 0805 Candle13

????, Earth Season, Season/Fertility Week


Earth Season/Fertility Week/Windsday Eve [[[s02:session-7|Session 7]]]
House Hulta


The yellow and black songbird does not sing at all on Windsday eve. The other, blue with a red cap, is restless and makes noises but does not sing fully.

Marta looks serious when preparing Varanis’ outlook. But she always does. Marta rarely smiles. On Clayday she might have smiled a little when Varanis gave her a little bronze bracelet with her runes worked into it. Maybe a little. She is wearing it as she working on Varanis.

Show Varanis prepares for another party

The palanquins come to yet another torchlit courtyard of another noble palazzo.

Varanis waits for Xenofos, so that they can enter together. When they make their entrance, her head is held high and she exudes confidence.2Special on Air.

Show the House Hulta party

Windsday Night, after Varanis has returned from the Masked party at House Hulta. She flings herself into her room and immediately starts to yank off jewellery and drop the pieces onto her table.

Berra rolls over onto her back, to look up at Varanis, confused enough to rub her eyes. She is just on the cusp of sleep herself, and maybe had eased beyond it.

Show Varanis’ meltdown

  • 1
    Varanis fails insight human
  • 2
    Special on Air.
  • 3
    Pass Intrigue, Fail Scan.
  • 4
    She passes her charm.
  • 5
    Lenta fails both scan and insight, meaning she’s failed to notice just how upset Varanis is.
  • 6
    Xenofos fails insight roll.
  • 7
    Failed scan.
  • 8
    Varanis passes insight. What Varanis said came in under her guard, and Berra got reminded, and it hurts, and she’s pretending nothing happened, in the hope that it will all go away.
  • 9
    B: Mmmm, yeah. And another Insight Human, at 10. V passes Insight: Lanasha did not seem to be the name. Berra, unusually, did not correct Varanis – but then again, she is concentrating on the hair.