A Load of Bull

S02 — Session 25

1626, Storm Season, Disorder Week, Windday

Dramatis Personae




Gallaf, the Khan
Erhehta, tripping shaman
Affada, assistant, away
Ex-shaman Yellow Storm
Assorted ghosts and skeletons who have fought since the Dawn Age, in serious recruiting mood


As before, the log will be accompanied by extracts of poetry from the private collection of Dr Tomm.

To meet again and speak of far-gone times

Eternal battle calls but does not take
And through the blood bold Xenofos strides still
His eyes see Truth, his heart is quick to song


Venlar III.16 (Frag), ‘Heard on the Air’, Trans Goldman

Having returned from his previous trip to converse with sir Salmon and finding her assistant unadvisedly gone after him Grandfather prepared a heady dose of Dreamroot to his yurt stove to seek advise through a simple mystic dream before embarking on another spirit journey.
Nala came to partake of the treat a bit later and had visions of dead Tiwr.
She woke up later next day with the hangover of ages, weak as a Pavic mouse.

The rainy morning saw Berra still guarding the corpse of deceased supposed to be Storm Bull Shaman, with his mystic drum. Xenofos joined her in this. A Rhino rider named Toras rode into camp with great style, getting a suspicious glare from Berra and some polite greetings and invitations to hospitality from the bisons. Varanis and Rajar decided the day was perfect for prayer and meditations, as Rajar could create a sanctified area where Varanis could worship.

The Khan who had suggested Berra would make sure no-one would touch the deceased asked if Erhehta was able to tell what to do with it. Since he was still indisposed he suggested Nala as the Spirittalker in attendance would decide what needed to be done. She understood that the ghost of the ex-shaman must be responsible for her evil visions, still lingering and told those around the corpse that the body needed to be buried. Xenofos cast detect magic which confirmed the drum and some other possessions were magical. Suuraki did remember that touching the possessions of a dead shaman was bad medicine.1As did Nala, dangerous stuff, like speaking with spirits.

It was decided to take the body and its possessions to Raven hill, away from the camp where Berra would perform last rites. Suuraki remembered how to do it, if not the particulars.

Thus was done, with a small platform raised for wind burial and cairn laid for his possessions.
To kill the shaman’s drum and send it with him, Berra cut it with her iron sword.

This launched fury of Storm Bull in small local tornado spitting out various ghosts and skeletons of humans, scorpion man, high llama, minotaur, dragon, dragonsnail and a wind child who attacked everyone present save Valseena and Toras. Berra was cut down and kicked to very threshold of Death. Also Tiwr, Nala and Xenofos were pummeled heavily whereas Suuraki managed to stay on giving end of damage and Toras and his rhino just ploughed through enemies with impunity. Berra and Xenofos were only held alive through Valseena’s healing. Nala and Tiwr can thank Unicorn manage for their survival.

Having gone through their prayers in the hours Berra took to laying the shaman to rest Rajar and Varanis decided to see what everyone else was up to.

They saw the mini-tornado hit the hill and rushed into battle just in time to help their comrades.

The ghosts were struck partly by Humakti Truesword magic, partly by spirit combat. Various skeletons were dispatched by group effort – even the dragon’s skeleton that almost bit Berra’s head off through her parry, but was finally finished by a headbutt of Tiny.

After the battle was over but before the heroes had time to discuss what had happened the minitornado struck Raven hill again, taking all the remains of their opponents and the shaman’s drum first cut by Berra and then stamped on by Rajar and burned by Varanis.

“Just trolling Draznk.” – Salid

  • 1
    As did Nala, dangerous stuff, like speaking with spirits.