Ducking Out

S02 — Session 13

1626, Earth Season, Stasis Week, Godday Eve to Noon

Dramatis Personae




Some torch bearers from Saiciae
An old retainer
Garin Meralt
Eranda, briefly
Vasos and a friend, who are both highly competent and drunk
Vasos and same friend, sober, and sobered
Lord Kesten Hulta’s guards
Lord Kesten’s duelling second
Lord Kesten Hulta
Some other Ducks


This week, we are pleased to welcome back Doktor Forrest Oldman, noted expert on Xenofos, as our guest lecturer.
[[His commentary will be denoted thus.]]

[[Guten Abend. This is an unexpected pleasure.]]
This week’s texts are fragmentary in nature, elegic doublets close to, but not quite,to measure conforming.
You should pay close attention to variances and possible weaknesses in use of meter and kennings for you analysis.

“To wielders of woundbronze swore her innocence the Wind Daughter fair,
prayers offered to Ernalda and wise Saiciae blood.”

[[Now you, there in the backrow, fidgeting. Please explain woundbronze to the class.
And everyone, who would be its wielders in Esrolian context? Who is Wind Daughter?]]

“To foehouse foul went fair Mellia, with words of wisdom and Peace
Offered aid earnest, refused was by Matron moody.”

[[These texts have been found as fragments from a collection of clay tablets stored in a archive that lamentably has been at some point subject to collapse, perhaps in an Earthquake. They are presented here in an order that would seem to make sense in temporal continuity, but keep in mind this is just one possible way of reading them.]]

[[Now Mellia is primarily remembered from her sonnet material and some texts attributed to pseudo-Venlar. Stylistically both differ from these couplets.]]

[[What does it tell you? Is this even the same lady? What do you think, yes you, the redhead in the third row?]]

“Apparition watery and wet was Xenofos on his return late
To embrace of sweet sleep he swiftly succumbed.”

[[Like Mellia, Xenofos is better known for the sonnets. But he also appears as attributed author of some works. Do these lines just refer to atrocious weather or do they hint of some aquatic exploits of which there is no further description? Are we perhaps witnessing a recovery of a drowned man and his internment?]]

“Larnbrils’s way took eager Varanis Vingan, following call of the Piper
to a manor dark, to palazzo abandoned, empty.”

“Yer gates do open, for White Lady show respect
bellowed mighty Uroxi, announced wild Bison Rider”

[[Now those of you who have read your Frazer properly should have no trouble interpreting this kenning. To others I suggest refreshing your look at the Golden Bough, Volume II.]]

[[While you are at it, check if you can gain any insight to the identity of the player mentioned. Now these two fragments have been connected because there is good reason to believe they have once been written on one now broken tablet. But are they two parts of same narrative or totally different, independent poems. You in the front row, what is your opinion?]]

“declined to meet her foeman dreaded Humakti Berra
now is not time for fight, dawn duel must wait”

[[Warrior showing restraint and peaceful intentions. Some of you may wonder if this is the same Berra as mentioned in SagaBerrajarandottirs. A good question indeed.]]

“Vouched was sire of Colymar by words of Yelornan Nala
unhappy remained Tightbeak, beak geld bore on his mind”

[[Who is sire of Colymar? Who is Tightbeak? Yelornan-Nala? Lots of questions. Beaks might be the key as they are mentioned twice and the Sartarite association makes it likely that this bit is at least tangentially related to previous ones.]]

[[Now your assignment for next week. Analyze and explain these fragments through their content, form and language and give argument whether or not they are pieces of one longer text or texts by different authors. I expect proper notation as always. Professor Garin will add something more closely related to corpus of texts used by Herr Dr Tomm. Over to you Professor.]]

[‘Thank you, Doktor. Those of you who do not have the updated Frazer, or have not read the updated Frazer, or do not remember the updated Frazer, will now have the opportunity to refresh your memories of the book, or at least where the library is. Who, or what, is Lanbril? Thief god, or aspect of Eurmal? Shadow of Yelm? Attestations and citations as usual, five hundred words, my desk.’]

What Really Happened

Session Quotes

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    GM’s note: Getting into the right mindset to fight the duel with a fellow Humakti was perhaps in Kesten’s estimation not the time to prattle with a merchant who behaved rudely interrupting matters of honor.