S02 — Session 15

1626, Earth Season, Stasis Week, Godday

Dramatis Personae




Durulz with a boat
Dead and dying sailors
An old Wyter
Lord Agri Hulta
An un-named and mostly brainless attacker
A sack that wept


As before, the log will be recounted with extracts from Berra JarangsdottiHumaktisaga, NalaTiwrSaga and The Death of Rajar. As with last time there will be extracts from the Sonnets to Varanis, Sonnets in Praise of Xenofos and The Sonnets to Mellia, Sweetest of Healers, White Lady of Esrolia. There will be reference to the Accounts of the Travels of Irillo Goldentongue. Editorial commentary will be recorded [thus]. The {“D”} voice appears.

[[Guten Tag. Midterm is close so it might be that I will be making questions and grading your examinations at that time.
The book requirements are as announced at start of the term with addition of the Bough and refresher on Schlumpfmässig and of course all the material from die Lektionen.
But since you have followed teaching every week preparation should not mean any extra hassle to you.

To today’s poetry, bitte.]]

From slumber and agony retrieved was Varanis
By Mellia’s soothing hand, brought back to fight.

[[Not in sonnet form, analyze the form and its possible origins.

What do you think that couplet’s relation might be to this one?]]

Following path of silver, quiet allies guiding Eranala from far away
As if in sleep walking, from beyond borders of Dream

[[Could this be variation of name Nala? In corrupted form?]]

Bravely bellowed mighty Bison rider against untold horror
swung his mighty axe, vanquished terror unheard.

[[ I would make an educated guess Bison rider lauded in Esrolian poetry would most likely be Rajar Uroxi.
Please elaborate on evidence of his mysterious enemy. Mighty chaosbeast perhaps?]]

Credit 13 pennies, 3 clacks, cestus, dagger
Debit 2 sailors and badly dented cuirass
Saldo Unclear

[[In deference to Dr Tomm we include the “accounts”. Analyze their meaning if you can.]]

In Moonfriend’s hall up the stairs ascended fearless Uroxi
ensnared by Halko’s brother, cleft by Wind Tooth’s bite

[[Now this fragment is classical example of Esrolian couplet descending into unclarity. Halko has never been mentioned in any sources, name is not even Esrolian, Sartarite or Pelorian as far as we can tell. So Kenning Halko’s brother, though no doubt obvious to contemporaries, is totally lost to us. It is also intriguing why Uroxi would have felt the animosity of someone with strong Air-connections, strong enough to name his sword Wind Tooth.

For assignment same drill as always. Leave your work to prof. Garin and try to annotate it properly, bitte. I still saw texts that had less than quarter of a page footnotes. Include your view why Xenofos is absent from these fragments. Mermaids and penguins? Hilarious Prof. Garin please take note of names of these two gents I will see with relish if they have any more such pearls of jollity in their written work also.
Until next time and the exams, auf Wiedersehen]]

What Really Happened

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