S02 — Session 15

1626, Earth Season, Stasis Week, Godday

Dramatis Personae




Durulz with a boat
Dead and dying sailors
An old Wyter
Lord Agri Hulta
An un-named and mostly brainless attacker
A sack that wept


As before, the log will be recounted with extracts from Berra JarangsdottiHumaktisaga, NalaTiwrSaga and The Death of Rajar. As with last time there will be extracts from the Sonnets to Varanis, Sonnets in Praise of Xenofos and The Sonnets to Mellia, Sweetest of Healers, White Lady of Esrolia. There will be reference to the Accounts of the Travels of Irillo Goldentongue. Editorial commentary will be recorded [thus]. The {“D”} voice appears.

[[Guten Tag. Midterm is close so it might be that I will be making questions and grading your examinations at that time.
The book requirements are as announced at start of the term with addition of the Bough and refresher on Schlumpfmässig and of course all the material from die Lektionen.
But since you have followed teaching every week preparation should not mean any extra hassle to you.

To today’s poetry, bitte.]]

From slumber and agony retrieved was Varanis
By Mellia’s soothing hand, brought back to fight.

[[Not in sonnet form, analyze the form and its possible origins.

What do you think that couplet’s relation might be to this one?]]

Following path of silver, quiet allies guiding Eranala from far away
As if in sleep walking, from beyond borders of Dream

[[Could this be variation of name Nala? In corrupted form?]]

Bravely bellowed mighty Bison rider against untold horror
swung his mighty axe, vanquished terror unheard.

[[ I would make an educated guess Bison rider lauded in Esrolian poetry would most likely be Rajar Uroxi.
Please elaborate on evidence of his mysterious enemy. Mighty chaosbeast perhaps?]]

Credit 13 pennies, 3 clacks, cestus, dagger
Debit 2 sailors and badly dented cuirass
Saldo Unclear

[[In deference to Dr Tomm we include the “accounts”. Analyze their meaning if you can.]]

In Moonfriend’s hall up the stairs ascended fearless Uroxi
ensnared by Halko’s brother, cleft by Wind Tooth’s bite

[[Now this fragment is classical example of Esrolian couplet descending into unclarity. Halko has never been mentioned in any sources, name is not even Esrolian, Sartarite or Pelorian as far as we can tell. So Kenning Halko’s brother, though no doubt obvious to contemporaries, is totally lost to us. It is also intriguing why Uroxi would have felt the animosity of someone with strong Air-connections, strong enough to name his sword Wind Tooth.

For assignment same drill as always. Leave your work to prof. Garin and try to annotate it properly, bitte. I still saw texts that had less than quarter of a page footnotes. Include your view why Xenofos is absent from these fragments. Mermaids and penguins? Hilarious Prof. Garin please take note of names of these two gents I will see with relish if they have any more such pearls of jollity in their written work also.
Until next time and the exams, auf Wiedersehen]]

Most of the party stood on the beach, staring after the departing boat. Varanis, on the other hand, lay on the sand, drifting in and out of consciousness. Mellia went to try to help the wounded sailors, but found that one was already dead, his throat cut. The other was badly wounded and poisoned, and she could not help him.

Nala began to move back towards her body but managed to find the ducks on her way and manifested from the spirit realm, convincing them to arrive around the south side. While they waited, unaware of this, Irillo heard a screaming in his mind that he did not like, and explored, finding what was probably the old Wyter. It had been screaming for a very long time and was probably mad. When Irillo touched it, he was attacked in the spirit world, but managed to get away before Rajar knocked him out lovingly. Unable to heal the thing, they left it.

A search of the rest of the village found only one inhabitable house, which had supplies in it. They were new, but in old barrels, with the mark of a now-dissolved family of merchants, and Irillo knew where their warehouse was. They set off that way, taking the same track as the boat that had escaped them. Coming around the secondary island, they saw a floating boat, which they went closer to – it had a badly wounded man, and a lot of blood, and some feathers. The man was Lord Agri Hulta, Lord Kesten’s duelling second, in his Yelmic armour. They healed him and pulled him into the boat their sailors had come in, and Irillo offered him a sword to replace the one he had, which was damaged.

They got to the warehouse and found the sort of trouble they could deal with. They split into parties to go up two stairways, with Rajar, Irillo and Agri taking the southern one. This turned out to be the one where the action was, as someone tried to roll a barrel down at them, and when they burst in, a hidden man managed to get a garrote around Rajar’s neck, almost killing him instantly. The Storm Bull was forced to use a huge shield spell to save himself, but managed it. Irillo’s attempt at disruption hurt the man but did not stop him.

Berra, Varanis and Mellia arrived from the other stairwell, across a gangway built against the wall. Berra cut the man’s leg most of the way off, and then Mellia put him to sleep. Varanis attempted to knock out the other one, who had disarmed Lord Agri by wounding him, but she was a bit too enthusiastic. She knocked out a number of his teeth and some of his brains too.

Berra went back to keep clearing the staircase, and signalled she could hear something. She and Varanis took off up the stairs, following the sound of a woman weeping. The weeping came from a large sack hung over a trap door. Varanis attempted to cut the sack free and triggered the trap. She and the sack dropped through the floor to the lower floor, hanging over the long drop down to the water, with Varanis clinging on. Irillo rescued her and the sack. Sadly, the sack did not contain Lenta, but rather grain and some kind of odd box from which the weeping sounds emanated.

Berra went further upwards, and found Lenta, who was scared of being hurt, and thought Varanis might do it. After trying to be patient for a few moments, Berra called Mellia.

“Uncomfortable. Can’t find a spot here.” – Varanis OOC
@@*@@in leg shackles@@*@@ – Dormal

“I presume the door is barred.” – Dormal
“They used a key to lock you in.” – GM
“Oooh, posh cell.” – Dormal

“I have a bad feeling you’re about to tell me they’re both goners.” – Mella
“Well, pretty far out, anyhow.” – GM

“I mean if you’re a Praxian then drowning is all exotic!” – Rajar

“No, I’m going to leave the guy whose throat was slit for later.” – Mellia

“Is he conscious or unconscious?” – Rajar
“Unconscious.” – GM
“Hmm, can’t offer him a beer then.” – Rajar

“I have never used an envenomed blade. Chance of fucking up and cutting yourself is too high, especially if you’re in a cult with no combat, defensive or healing magic.” – Dormal
“So, moral reasons then.” – Berra
“Yep.” – Dormal

“Is it Harrek?” – Dormal
“If it was Harrek, we would not be asking questions.” – Berra

“On watch to be sure Varanis is not attacked – watching while between Varanis and Mellia.” – Berra

“Ok… This is either going to be very good, or very bad, children. Zero…” – Rajar rolls Sense Chaos

“It’s Axe time” – Rajar
<sidle backwards and line up on Irillo’s head> – Rajar
“Berra arrives to look… “Raaajar?”” – Berra
“He touched the altar…..” – Rajar
“There were voices.” – Rajar
“Well.” – Berra
@@*@@nods@@*@@ – Berra

“It might still be him. <flips the axe to the blunt side>” – Rajar
“Hey, Irillo. Can you give me a discount off the next sale?” – Berra
“The usual discount for colleagues applies.” – Irillo
“Sounds like him.” – Berra

“Violence is always an option!” – Rajar
“There’s usually another way.” – Berra
“Is it as much fun?” – Rajar

“Berra spends some time looking at the crane, walking away backwards. She seems oddly thoughtful.” – Berra

“Enjoy your meal.” – Guard
“If I don’t, what are you going to do? Come in and make me?” – Dormal

“They were told by a woman with a snake’s body and eight hands that they needed to come here.” – GM
“Oh, Nala arrived!” – Berra

“We should do burial rites. It’s quick. I’m a Humakti. ‘STAY DEAD!'” – Berr

“Also, drink this water.” – Berra
“Ahah! Varanis is not very well… we have a cure for this among my people!” – Rajar

“Well, I was thinking, I turned up at their door, knocked, unarmed, all I’ve done is talk and they took my stuff and threw me in a dungeon.” – Dormal

“Dormal WOULD flip the Devil the bird.” – Berra
“Totes.” – Dormal
“While disguised as someone else.” – Dormal
“Heheheh.” – Berra
“Berra Humakti, eh?” – Berra
“Nah. Onjur Eel-Ariash.” – Dormal

“He can have my rapier.” – Irillo
“Berra offers her spear, and a lack of smug talk.” – Berra
“I have a few axes if you need one.” – Rajar
“He has a lot of axes.” – Berra

“Who here CAN put more magic on us to say who is going to attack?” – Berra
@@*@@looks at the Yelmite@@*@@ – Berra
“Dance-nicely runespell?” – GM

“Berra’s going to go in with a shield on, because she doesn’t think she’s the spiritual enemy of people who might have set wardings. (Good luck with that.)” – Berra
“Uh… WITHOUT a shield on, that should have said.” – Berra

“How’s the rest of the crew coming?” – GM
“Uh, disposable Yelmite…” – Irillo

“I don’t believe this. The Yelmite guy actually got over the barrel.” – GM
“Worst. Meatshield. Ever.” – Dormal

“And the good thing is, Lenta in her sack is unlikely to look like an enemy.” – Berra

“He does six hitpoints to your head.” – GM
“I have one left.” – Rajar

“Yelmite guy is screaming and dropping his rapier.” – GM
My rapier.” – Irillo

“The Yelmite was honourably fighting like a gentleman, and got stabbed in the arm.” – GM
“Well, conveniently I don’t fight like a gentleman.” – Varanis

“I’m going to put the guy with the Garotte to sleep.”- Mellia
“……” – Lots of people

“We will accept ransoms!” – Irillo
“Yep. Definitely sounds like Irillo.” – Berra

“Are you talking about future consequences worrying a Storm Bull?” – Rajar

“I failed, failed, and fumbled. Fortunately, only spirit magic.” – Berra
“I can feel Eril looking down on me from here.” – Berra

“I’m running in to try to grab the rope, probably by diving over it.” – Berra
“Hence, braking it with my body.” – Berra
“(around her neck)” – Berra

“So, you’re teetering on the edge and wondering what you were thinking.” – GM
“No, I’m really not.” – Berra

“And fortunately we have a witness who is pretty much unimpeachable to say we probably didn’t do that on purpose.” – Berra
“As long as he’s not passed out.” – Berra

“She has not been physically hurt.” – GM
“I can fix that!” – Rajar

“Don’t hurt me?” – Lenta
“You’re an idiot. And we’re here to rescue you.” – Berra