Water Way to Go

S02 — Session 12

1626, Earth Season, Stasis Week, Wildday to Godday Eve

Dramatis Personae




Some guards who could swim
Some guards who did not float
Serzeen Saiciae (deceased)
A fisherman who could swim very well
Some bubbles where Xenofos was
Some sea folk
Some oyster divers
No black-feathered pirates at all
Kesten Hulta
Some other Hultas
A chorus of Priests, Priestesses, and seagulls


This week, we are pleased to welcome back Doktor Forrest Oldman, noted expert on Xenofos, as our guest lecturer. [[His commentary will be denoted thus.]]

[[Guten Abend meine Frauen und Herren.]]

[[With Herr Dr Tomm still absent we shall continue with alternative material also on this week.]]

[[First we have an interesting text tangentially related to the cycle as the corpus should be called.]]

‘In waves billowing under the Red Moon you called Babeester a final time
with axe in hand challenged cruel fate’

[[Now this cannot refer to Varanis nor Berra, we are left to wonder who the protagonist or the poet is. Only the context in same clay tablets ties it to other material. It might refer to Lenta Hulta who is otherwise rather obscure figure in these poems.]]

[[That doublet may get extra illumination from Tuulen tytön runo:]]

Iku-Turso Äijön poika päätä nosti
kaatoi kauniin venosen, purtta punaista puraisi
veteen vieri Tuulen tyttö, alle aaltojen aleni
päästä heitti hyvän hytyrän, kiskoi kypärän kuparisen
sotkana sousi pinnalle, jalo nousi joutsenona
sorsana jälleen sukelsi,
veti vainaan vedestä, kirvesneidon kiskoeli

[[Form is hard to translate. Reference is made to a maritime monster who breaks the boat and through alliterative lines we are told how she – not the monster – the heroine surfaces only to dive again after someone dead and an axemaiden. A remarkable double feat of aquatic prowess indeed.]]

[[Now Dr.Tomm insists that economic material should be included in the syllabus. I find the idea quite far fetched to be honest. And some of these so called @@Accounts@@ do defy categorization even as ciphered economic notes.]]

lift from oyster reef twice
5 silver
innumerable tears vanishing in the rain.
Saldo1Lit: balance:
A heart broken with grief

[[Romantic drivel, I say. Speaking of which, we need to return to matter handling Mellia.]]

Whiteveiled maiden sat on the high throne of her house
quietly heard she accusers agenda
With sweet plead set to motion light breeze and wind northern
to ask for the wisdom of the Windlord

[[Now although poet is seeking to emulate the heroic forms it is obvious from the use of alliteration and kennings that writer has had Heortling, perhaps Sartarite influence polluting original Esrolian expression. This might be just a matter of chance in surviving material – or it might mean some cultural interaction.]]

[[Do note references to the Wind. In third age Esrolia this would denote rebellion, disorder. Bad things. Yet innocent – as alluded by her veil – Mellia is referenced as enlisting their help.]]

[[How do we know it is Mellia? That is an excellent question Fräulein. Why don’t you all examine this question in the essays you leave to prof. Garin.]]

[[Now BerraJaransdottirsagaHumakti is curiously intertwined with other parts of the cycle. I think the English tradition does not do the original justice and since I have heard not everybody in this class is fully fluent in MiddleEsrolian we shall use the Hungarian translation. I find that the best reflection of the original in form and content.]]

Miekkasille mieli mitaton, tappotöihin tapin mittainen
Hietikolle haastoi Hultaa, vilppiin valitti vikapääksi
Kuuli kumman kertomuksen, syytöksen synkän salissa
Vikapää Varanis vilkas, noutaja neitseen nuoren
Uskonut urosta ei tuonen tuoja,
viattomaksi vannoi Varaniksen vastoin valoja palkkalaisten.

[[Now curious mixture of alliterations and kennings is an extract from wider saga of that short sworsdwoman Berra. Allusions to this are made quite mercilessly. Now since that boy in backbench says you cannot Finnish – I clearly said Finnish – in brief it says the short protagonist wished to kill and challenged a Hulta, heard a weird accusation against abducting Varanis, which she did not believe and was ready to swear on her innocence over witness of paid people. Much is lost when told in younger languages, but that would be the gist of it. Most things are of course said twice since these were performed in call and response format.]]

[[I am not quite sure what to make of NalaTiwrSaga excerpt that Prof Garin so kindly suggested. It continues aquatic themes – or perhaps spidery?]]

Nets she bound, avoided clutches of the hungry waters
Asked with anger after his rider, wandered widely within the delta
sought shelter succor and sustenance the Spiritcaller
with ferryman silent crossed the straits.

[[Second essay on gender changes and possible death references in this poem. And whatever prof. Garin wishes to see you explore. I wish you success on your continued literary journey, dear students.]]

[[Over to you Prof. Garin.]]

[‘As my honoured friend says, those two essays. And if you want to impress me – and who does not – some speculation on why there is no Death of Xenofos.‘]

What Really Happened

Session Quotes

Spoilers in the footnotes – Berra, you may not want to read them.

IC chat

  • 1
    Lit: balance
  • 2
    Venlar has certain problems with his spirit, making this sort of thing very difficult.
  • 3
    Failed customs: own
  • 4
    Cup number 1.
  • 5
    Cup number 2.
  • 6
    Irillo must be ill. He didn’t listen at the door.
  • 7
    Cup number 3.
  • 8
    Cup number 4.
  • 9
    “The weasel wanted me to get you sleepdraught. And he is right you must sleep.”
  • 10
    “But Solaska says you cannot take sleepdraught now, not after lumiviiva. And your spirit will get lost if you don’t sleep.”
  • 11
    And passes an INT roll.
  • 12
    Lenta nods approvingly from the doorway. Varanis blinks. No. She is not there. It is Xenofos, soaking wet, pale and quiet. Varanis blinks again.
  • 13
    Cup number 5.
  • 14
    No. Xenofos is not there. And Berra is saying something. Are you awake?