The Thorns of Life

S02 — Session 3

1626, Earth Season, Disorder Week, Godday to Harmony Week, Freezeday Evening

Dramatis Personae




Also Berra, a bit
All of the other PCs, who were at the back of the party, being sensible
Very briefly, Jengharl Silorsson
Yamia Silorsdottir
Venlar Silorsson
About two handfuls of Thralls, mostly fluttering around Venlar
Some of Venlar’s bodyguards
Salid the Sniveller, Trollkin and Lightbringer
Uzdok the Enlo
An Enlo who looks like a rock when crouching down and keeping very still
Avlost, an Etyries-worshipping Merchant from Alda Chur
Jaldis, a very fine politician and not coincidentally High Healer of Whitewall
Honest Alred, horse dealer
At least two very suspicious-looking people, who were very suspiciously looked at


As before, the log will be accompanied by poetry from the collection of Professor Tomm, and students are invited to comment.

To His White Lady (trans, N. Ala)

Her wildest days are full of song,
the sweetest melody that was e’er heard.
All love, Mellia. It cannot be wrong
to follow heart’s song swift as any bird.

Birds nest in spring, but we are season-grown
Adults instead who see the rising sun,
White lady, my heart’s truth, my only own,
How could I not have known you were my one?

I was born new to the touch of your white hand,
and, new, we face the dawning of our days,
if we make half of what we’ve planned,
we shall be known in every byway:

Venlar lives only for Mellia’s eyes;
My Mellia, though unlettered, is heart-wise.

What Really Happened

Session Quotes

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    Fumbled Fast Talk!
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    Special on Fast Talk