Earths, Deaths and Marriages

S02 — Session 5

1626, Earth Season, Death Week, Freezeday to Waterday

Dramatis Personae




Also Berra
Grandmother Saiciae
Kirse Saiciae
A host of servants
Chettoria Humakti, Great Sword of the Fifth Regiment of Battalion
Yamia Humakti, Initiate of the Shrine of Wilmskirk
A cloud of Ernaldan priestesses
Lonneta Deleaos, networker supreme, and owner of a silver mirror the size of a whole room
Elanka, Blonde lovely who likes beards and poetry
Vadstan, Loyal Husband, and definitely not the man that Elanka thought he was
A Babeester Gor guard whose sister got on Berra’s nerves
A full orchestra of Esrolians (and their delicate instruments)
A small choir of Enlo (and some water barrel drums)


As before, the log will be recounted with extracts from the private poetry collection of Dr Tomm.

The gate opens, and my field lies before me,
Spread out as a coverlet that holds the one I love.
Green weaving, over fertile ground.

The kisses from her mouth are soft.
There is no part of her that I will leave unturned. I love her as land and life.

Such ground I till, with labour of my hands and back.
I steer the course in straight lines, with cunning back and forth
I bite Earth with wood.
I, lavish, sow my seed.
Rejoice, ploughman, aching for your home.

– Venlar III,19

What Really Happened

Session Quotes

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    And that is what a fumbled Intrigue sounds like.