Whose Queen?

S02 — Session 37

1627, Sea Season, Fertility Week?

Dramatis Personae






As before, the log will be recounted with extracts from Berra JarangsdottiHumaktisaga, NalaTiwrSaga and The Death of Rajar. As with last time there will be extracts from the Sonnets to Varanis, Sonnets in Praise of Xenefos and The Sonnets to Mellia, Sweetest of Healers, White Lady of Esrolia. There will be reference to the Accounts of the Travels of Irillo Goldentongue. Editorial commentary will be recorded [thus]. The {“D”} voice appears.

Rajar, released from his task by Rurik, rode down to Fairfield, getting in at the end of the day to find out about the party by asking about the short, angry Humakti. He was told they were chasing a terrible thing and were all dead. As he followed their trail in the dark, he found what he thought were the right number of fresh graves.1Fumbled Track

He lamented them loudly, and the group, coming back from Drakemere, was close by. Berra and Varanis heard him – Berra shouted back, and in his confused and highly sober state, Rajar thought that it was ghosts speaking, in particular as they told him to come and join them, which he told them was a terrible idea. Then Berra cast Fireblade, signalling where she was and ruining the fun. Valseena was also convinced that these were graves2Fumbled Scan, as they came closer, but what they actually were was vegetable patches. Rajar was mourning carrots.

They spent a day in Fairfield, recovering and resting their horses; Jorgrim paid them a wheel each, in thanks. Xenofos went to ask the redsmith why she wore a kopis openly. She flicked up the sword far enough to show him that it was iron, answering his question.

They continued their travel towards Bagnot, with Nala remaining behind on Clayday, allowing her to worship.3RL intervened, alas.

Along the way, Suuraki noticed tracks and deduced that they were following some distance behind 50 or so riders. They decided to push the pace. Varanis and Fish had another spectacular disagreement4Fumbled Ride, leading the Vingan to practice her flying dismount with a measure of success, if success meant taking most of it on the armour, instead of all of it on the face.

Berra was riding point and scouted ahead5Deciding to make something of a Special ride roll. so it was she who first met a Grazelander who was guarding the road. Cagey until her friends were closer, she was a little unlucky to have Rajar be the closest friend, but she did manage to get the name of the warrior on guard, Endars Redblade, and correctly identified him by saga as one of the warriors of the Feathered Horse Queen. Although Rajar’s enthusiastic weapon-wielding greeting briefly raised the risk of conflict, ultimately the meeting was peaceful. Berra told them about trolls that he had killed in a culvert, and did not mention much about him helping the invasion of Sartar under the previous Feathered Horse Queen, eliding that with mention of his famed loyalty.

Varanis was able to persuade Endars of the importance of her mission6With a special Orate, and he invited the party to accompany him to the Feathered Horse Queen’s camp, although the Queen was indisposed. As they entered the well-laid out encampment of yurts, Berra noticed a very Lunar-looking tent on the other side of the camp. When she pointed it out Rajar veered that way, but was politely told by Endars he seemed to be getting lost, and directed back to the correct path.

The party was directed to a sumptuous yurt so that they could rest and freshen up before their audience with the Queen. Eventually, they were able to present Prince Kallyr’s proposal and her generous gifts. The Queen magnanimously accepted the gifts and then informed Varanis that she had two other proposals to consider, but that Varanis could talk to her later, in private. There was some significant suggestiveness.

Later that evening, a feast was held in the queen’s enormous yurt. The guests were seated in a circle with Varanis’ party opposite the Grazelanders and the two competing Lunar parties positioned opposite each other. Some of them were identifiable to at least some of the people present – Varanis pointed out to Xenofos that Fazzur Wideread was there, heading one of the delegations. The others were sent by King Pharandros, it seemed – Fazzur’s rival for the Emperor’s favour and the man who had attempted to have him assassinated. During the feast, Xenofos chose to entertain the diners with his rendition of the Lightbringers’ Quest. Not to be outdone, one of the Lunar guests on the Pharandros side presented a song about Jar-Eel teaching Beatpot Aelwrin . Rajar added strategic belches and farts, but these only helped the Lunar’s impressively good performance and so he eventually subsided. The other Lunars entertained with something more forgettable in the context of the

Suuraki sought to learn more about the Lunars adjacent to him and in doing so discovered that they believed Varanis to be present on behalf of Argrath, rather than Kallyr. The Praxian did not offer any correction or clarification.

After the feast was over, Varanis and her Humakti “bodyguard” were invited to stay for a time with the Queen. This neatly avoided her majesty having to have private conversations with either of the Lunar parties. During this little tete-a-tete, the Queen revealed that she knew a great deal about Varanis and her family, something that put the Vingan on guard. The Queen indicated that while she would consider a proxy spouse, it must be a male of the Royal line. The choices were thus very limited. She did agree to send the Luminous Stallion King to Kallyr for further discussion, or as she put it, approval, as a proxy spouse for Kallyr.

“As long as I’m happy they’ve got it under control.” – Rajar
“Well, they are a load of storm bulls.” – Berra

“Sufficiently dangerous that nobody else is going to try anything.” – Rajar

“There’s a village over that way.” – GM
“That seems like a way to get food and drink. Ask them if they’ve seen a small, angry Humakti.” – Rajar

“Look for smoke.” – Rajar
“There are indeed columns of smoke about five km that way.” – GM
“That’ll be them!” – Rajar

“Head that way.” – Rajar
“It’s getting dark.” – GM
“Well, we never did anything by doing it the safe way! Set off!” – Rajar
“Well, that’s the first fumble of the night.” – Rajar

“Come to us!” – Ghost of Berra
“No, that’s a very bad idea!” – Rajar

“Riding in from this side, someone seems to have destroyed a hut.” – GM
“I just thought that was a random Berra…” – Rajar

“They are good people, for all they are horse-riding perverts.” – Rajar

“It’s fine, GM. You can be yourself for me.” – Berra
“Just not all in public…” – Berra

“Varanis is looking for another bottle of wine.” – Varanis

“About fifty.” – GM
“About ten hands.” – Suuraki
“That’s pretty short for a horse.” – Berra

“It is what you think it is. Can I roll jump please?” – Varanis brings in fumble #3 of the night.

“I have specialled Ride Bison. It means that Xenofos has to roll Architecture again.” – Berra

“Her Majesty is in…. disposed at the moment.” – Endars
“(Mercy, no kumiss)” – Xenofos

“Scanning… any sign of Serala? Also, failed battle. Too busy looking for Serala.” – Varanis
“Special on Battle.” – Berra
“Irregular looking architecture in this camp.” – Xenofos

“Last time I saw something like that, it was at Pennel Ford.” – Berra

“But I don’t like having spies right inside.” – Berra
“Suck it up.” – Varanis

“Pass Insight (Own Species).” – Berra
“Is it own species. A foreigner?” – Xenofos

“And who would the Proxy be?” – Feathered Horse Queen

“I hear Eril’s single.” – Suuraki

“I may just have accidentally rolled Intimidate on the Feathered Horse Queen. But fortunately I’ve failed.” – Berra

“Don’t argue with the GM, Xenofos.” – Varanis
“I want to come out of this alive.” – Varanis

“Nonchalantly peeing on the Lunar’s tent?” – Varanis

“They could kill me instead.” – Berra
*lip wobble* – Xenofos

“There is a well-groomed figure approaching.” – GM
“A horse?” – Suuraki

“Center of my studies, never seen the man…” – Xenofos
“Quietly to Xenofos. “That’s Fazzur.” – Varanis
“(Not quite fanboying, but quite openeyed)” – Xenofos

“Berra does the bowing at the right time for Sartar.” – Berra

“Berra’s happy and polite and sociable, and a bit formal – and all like that.” – Berra
“She has also passed Honour.” – Berra

“Mostly listening to what they are saying.” – Rajar
“Yeah, how is your New Pelorian?” – GM
“Fair Point. I’m just going to be annoying as fuck, then.” – Rajar

“I’ll drink by being next to a quaffing Stormbull.” – Berra
“You’re drinking by having booze splattered on you, Berra?” – Varanis
“Osmosis.” – Berra

“Make sure I belch and fart at the appropriate moments for dramatic pauses. Then apologise.” – Rajar

“Xenofos – sing some of the Lay of Serala, Lance of the Cold Sun. Maybe she will be pleased to hear of her own people.” – Varanis

“I have fought on some of the same battlefields as some of your kin.” – Rajar

“Just as well because it’d be a shame to have to stab him in the liver at the lunch table.” – Rajar

“((Damn, no chance to have an informal chat with some informants from the other side…))” – Xenofos
“((Such a wasted opportunity for study of history.))” – Xenofos

“Berra ignores the attractive female attractively femaling.” – Berra
“-D6 from Find Women Attractive…” – Berra
*passes Act for no reason* – Berra

“At the edge of hearing, there is a titter.” – GM
“Can you use a different word please?” – Berra

“Varanis looks like she has a headache starting.” – Varanis

“When the rightful King of Tarsh marries the Feathered Horse Queen, he becomes the King of Dragon Pass.” – Suuraki
“… Both have happened before.” – Xenofos

“Walking around unarmed? I don’t understand it.” – Xenofos
“You’ve changed, man. And that’s good.” – Berra

  • 1
    Fumbled Track
  • 2
    Fumbled Scan
  • 3
    RL intervened, alas.
  • 4
    Fumbled Ride
  • 5
    Deciding to make something of a Special ride roll.
  • 6
    With a special Orate