Ups and Downs

S02 — Session 53

1627, Earth Season, Stasis Week, Clayday

Dramatis Personae


Nala & Tiwr


The Esrolian Free Company


As before, the log will be recounted with extracts from Berra JarangsdottiHumaktisaga, NalaTiwrSaga and The Death of Rajar. As with last time there will be extracts from the Sonnets to Varanis, Sonnets in Praise of Xenefos and The Sonnets to Mellia, Sweetest of Healers, White Lady of Esrolia. There will be reference to the Accounts of the Travels of Irillo Goldentongue. Editorial commentary will be recorded [thus]. The {“D”} voice appears.

Rajar and Nala encountered an incoming cavalry unit. The Storm Bull managed to somehow make a large u-turn on Vengeance in a bid to lure the cavalry back towards the Esrolian troops at the gate. Nala and Tiwr had no difficulties following suit, much more nimbly. Although they made efforts to use the massive statues for cover, their attackers also made efforts to use the two Praxians for target practice, lighting them up with a Sunbright spell. Arrows (including some on fire) flew at them several times. Although some bounced, at least one Tarshite arrow found purchase in flesh, wounding Nala badly.

Closer to the gate, Suuraki, mounted on his High Llama, took advantage of the elevation to shoot at the enemy forces, putting two or three arrows into the mass of horse and rider, and doing some damage in the press.

Xenofos chased down his horse, then gracefully leapt into his saddle and followed the Esrolian cavalry, who had dashed left from the gate, rallying them.

Berra was charging up the stairs, invoking the terrible powers of her god as she ran. The Humakti made short work of the first to stand in her way, cutting his arm off and demanding his surrender to get him out of the way as fast as possible. The Babeester Gor shock troops followed her.

Meanwhile, both Maalira and Valseena were frantically trying to heal the rising number of injured. Chalana Arroy’s initiate did not discriminate, caring for warriors from both sides of the conflict. Valseena, follower of the great and wise Eiritha focussed more closely on her own herd, attempting to heal wounded infantry. One of the people taken prisoner by Berra also threw himself on Maalira’s mercy, potentially causing a marvellous problem later.

Varanis called on Orlanth and leapt to the top of the wall. She made the honourable choice to ignore the warrior whose back was turned and instead attacked one who met her face on. They exchanged blows several times, before the Vingan struck his head and he tumbled from the wall. On the ground, still some distance away, Rajar called out a warning about the cavalry. Varanis heard and took up the cry, but below, Maalira misheard her. The White Lady thought Varanis was mortally wounded and charged towards the stairs in hope of saving her. The warrior who had just lost his arm clung to Maalira’s robe, begging for sanctuary.

Before Nala retreated to seek out a healer, the shaman called on Maran Gor to open a chasm in front of the lead cavalry. Several fell, wounding horses and riders badly and trapping them for the time being. About half of the attacking cavalry made it over the chasm, as the second rank had time to jump. Three of them punched through the Esrolian infantry, causing some havoc behind the lines.

Still amongst the infantry, Valseena spotted Nala and pushed her way through to aid the injured shaman. While it took several tries, between them, Valseena, Nala, and Tiwr were able to repair the damage to Nala’s leg.

Xenofos, both scribe and cavalryman, sang the battle song of the Greens, inspiring himself and the Esrolian cavalry to plunge into glorious battle. Shining and fierce, they charged! Should anyone survive this conflict, surely songs will be sung in their honour.

Rajar and Vengeance connected with the three warriors who had broken through. Suuraki shifted to his dagger-axe, then made a rather spectacular, if unintentional, dismount.

On the wall, Berra spotted the local High Sword, Gallem, charging in her direction with his guards at his heels. She closed the distance between them, hardly pausing to cut a man in half 1She cleaved him in half at chest height. It was the kind of blow that goes down in a saga and Varanis determined that it would make Sword D’Val proud. and take the pressure off Koraki. Maalira dived into the melee to help heal Koraki.

As Gallem approached Berra called for his surrender in in the name of the Household of Death. He called her to surrender in the name of the God, and neither of them did. Instead they exchanged blows. The Sword Lord shattered Wind Tooth with his greatsword, but Berra swapped Lord Eril’s sword into her right hand and continued to attack.

Varanis leapt overhead, to land on the other side of the cluster of Humakti, attempting unsuccessfully to hit one of them on her way past. Her battle cry was a call to Vinga and Kallyr. Koraki, now bleeding a little less, swept into the fray. The other Vingan bodyguard either flew or leapt around the walls.

“You are all expected to put your hands up when you have something to say…” – GM
“Does it have to be valuable?” – Rajar

“You’re on the road, just where there is a little kink…” – GM
*no* – entire game

“Do I have room to use the llama as an archery platform?” – Suuraki

“We all have our vague ideas about what’s going to be happening.” – GM
“Including you.” – Berra

“Special on Ride. Which is already ticked. Damn.” – Rajar

“This is definitely a fold’em moment.” – Rajar

“He is going to try to stick a spear into you.” – Tom
“Fantastic.” – Berra

“Could I ask you to also make a stealth roll?” – GM
*bursts out laughing* – Varanis

“What would Dormal do?” – Dormal, from a very long way away
“It was easy as soon as I thought about what Dormal would do.” – Varanis
“Suddenly the other guy [having been alerted by Varanis] decides he will not use his javelin as a javelin.” – GM

“‘Friendly’ does not normally mean ‘friendly’.” – Nala, to GM

“I am fleeing like a brave Storm Bull warrior!” – Rajar

“I HELPED!” – Berra
“‘helped'” – Berra
“… Again.” – Berra
“With friends like these…” – Xenofos

“Nala’s leg is stopping her from dropping her crevice, huh…” – Maalira
“That’s what I heard too.” – Berra

“You could inspire with Earth or Harmony or…” – GM
“Too late. I’ve hit it, failed, and moved on with my life.” – Valseena

“A crit and two specials right next to each other…” – ???
“… can offend, so please do not ask for credit.” – Berra

“Varanis, you’ve heard tales about the duck cutting a head off casually. You’ve just seen Berra casually cut someone in half at the chest.” – GM
“Good. If she dies… if she lives or dies I look forward to telling her High Sword about it.” – Varanis
“Maalira, Berra just cut someone in half at the chest.” – GM
“That’s not going to fix, is it?” – Maalira

“OK, that gives me a 302% Sword Skill with my right hand. But Gallem’s approaching.” – Berra

“Sweet white lady, is there a foe I can fight for you?” – Koraki
“I just gesture at the battle around us.” – Maalira

“Surrender in the name of the Household of Death!” – Berra
“Surrender in the name of the God.” – Gallem

*Speed dismount!* – Suuraki
‘Suuraki does a cat impression. “I meant to do that!”‘ – Varanis

“Trample the fucker… sorry, carry on.” – Rajar

“It was the horse…” – GM
“The horse, in the cavalry, with a smugger-than-thou attitude.” – Nala

“These people are cheating by actually being as good as us.” – Berra

“Those watching the battle up top are going to be seeing Humakt facing off against Humakt.” – Berra
“Death for the Death God” – Rajar

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    She cleaved him in half at chest height. It was the kind of blow that goes down in a saga and Varanis determined that it would make Sword D’Val proud.