Sartarite Blue

S02 — Session 6

1626, Earth Season, Death Week, Clay Day; a Holy Day of Humakt

Dramatis Personae





Eranda Humakti
Solaska the Apothecary
Kirse Saiciae
Many people from House Thisera
Some guards from various houses
Trolls, offstage
Venlar, in the form of Orlanth
Venlar, in the arms of Mellia
Some palanquin bearers who got paid twice
Some guards who did not get paid
Grandmother Saiciae


As before, the log will be recounted with extracts from the private poetry collection of Dr Tomm.

My love is a wellspring of love
Each smile that blossoms is strength to me.
Life, and the source of life.
Love, and the reason to love.
I hold her in turn, patient and strong,
A storm that hovers by her at her will.

Venlar, II-23, Trans Garin

[‘As you will no doubt be aware – and if you are not you may ask Dr Tomm about extra reading – the translation of this work is a difficult one. This translation – by me, as yet undated because unpublished – keeps the underlying conceit; a poem based on the name of Venlar’s lover. However, I have never yet risen to the challenge of translating it from the syllabic Theyalan to a modern syllabic poem. Mellia’s name is usually consistent throughout the work of Venlar, spelled in what I would think of as a Sartarite style, but there is also an Esrolian pronunciation that emphasises the feminine ending, which the Venlar poet uses from time to time. I have side-stepped all of that by spelling her name as we read and write it.’]

What Really Happened

Rajar’s Night

Session Quotes

  • 1
    A plot that the adventurers did not happen across because other things happened instead.
  • 2
    This would be deemed very forward, and the young men were probably not to be taken as serious contenders for anyone’s hand.
  • 3
    Passed Orate. Over the course of the evening Venlar had critical successes on Devotion Orlanth and Orate, and Special successes on Air as an inspiration, Orate, and Knockback.
  • 4
    Dormal: Pass on Death and special on Fertility. Mellia, fail on Death and pass on Fertility.
  • 5
    Rapiers, first blood unless there should be no apology, Clayday Afternoon, at a popular duelling spot. Arrive with one friend.