Back and There Again

S02 — Session 29

1626, Storm Season

Dramatis Personae




Kallyr and her cronies


As before, the log will be accompanied by extracts of poetry from the private collection of Dr Tomm.

Am I not glorious? Dusted in blue powder stolen from the sky
Am I not a warrior of note? My sword and spear are hot from battle
Am I not beautiful? Naked I stand before you, the sole judge of beauty

Venlar V.3-i, ‘Declaration’, Trans Goldman

Events with Nala need expanding.

Having met with Irillo and his caravan outside Jaldonkill, the party spent the evening together. Given how close it is to Orlanth’s High Holy Day, Varanis made the decision to push on to Boldhome with urgency the next day. Irillo agreed to catch up, while the others would accompany the Vingan.

The King’s road was clear and they made good time, despite Suuraki’s long pauses to investigate the strangeness of it and Xenofos’ long debates with his zebra. Suuraki was particularly intrigued as something about the road seemed to make them move faster. The walls of Boldhome appeared in the distance just as Yelm began to set. Determined to get them into the city before dark, Rajar charged the gate, leading a small bison stampede, as Valseena and Berra followed suit.

He was recognized at the gate and after a bit of back and forth, he persuaded the guards to hold it long enough for the remaining party members to catch up. He gave the guards a barrel of beer as a token of thanks.

In the city, Berra advised Varanis to report either to the Temple of Orlanth or the Palace. Not doing so had the potential to look bad for her. The Vingan accepted the advice and presented herself at the Temple, asking for an audience with Storm Voice Tennebris. The priest was unsurprised to see her and informed her that she had about an hour to make herself presentable for a feast at the palace. Picking her words very carefully, she told him about Argrath’s kinship to Sartar and the rumour she had heard about him possibly wanting to rule Sartar. Mindful of Rajar’s warning, she explicitly said that it was hearsay only. She asked the priest’s advice about whether or not to bring it to the Prince. Tennebris’ advice was not to say anything about it at the feast.

Everyone dressed up in their best finery (the new praxians did not wear armour: Valseena is unused to it and Suuraki does not have any yet?) and went to the feast. At the top of the stairs, there was a duck waiting for them – D’Val ordered the guards not to listen, and then gave them a quick run-down of the Sartarite problems of late. Berra told him that there was a new goddess in Prax as well, implying they had something to do with it. D’Val did a decent beak-drop.

Inside, Xenofos heralded his cousin into the feast, whereupon he mistakenly referred to her as prince rather than Thane. Berra corrected him quickly, as did Prince Kallyr. The Prince tossed a gold ring at his feet and suggested he use it to pay for more lessons in Heortling. Her jest caused the rest of the court to erupt into laughter and defused the situation.

Among others, Kalis and Eril were there, with Kalis wearing her hair and some carefully arranged skimpiness, and Eril in a rough robe with a hood. Berra got called up to talk to Eril, who was not outwardly angry enough with her to execute her, and indeed seemed to be almost pleased about her recent actions. Varanis was sat by the right hand of Kallyr, and next to Kalis.

“You are all too generous.” – Berra
“Nice. You’re nice.” – Berra
“I’m happy to profit from this, obviously.” – Berra

“I am watching you, not-horses!” – Suuraki

“Oh. Holy days, I should remember them. Maybe.” – Xenofos

“We have a lot of places that you can see, and people will try to sell you things and that’s fine, just say no.” – Berra
“What if it’s something I actually want?” – Valseena

“Which is more important to you. Your khan, or your word?” – Griseldis
“My mother.” – Nala

“But on the plus side if you nail his hands to the floor he won’t steal the nails for a while.” – Berra
“Remove body part.” – Suuraki
“From where?” – Valseena
“Remove nail would be so much more useful.” – Berra

“Where do they get these straight-sided rocks from?” – Suuraki
“It’s a mystery.” – Rajar

“WOOOO!…. shit.” – Berra” – Berra

“Xenofos , have you ever MADE a ride roll?” – Nala
“yes” – Xenofos
“and even managed a charge maneuver ” – Xenofos
“after getting a zebra” – Xenofos

“Such a quaint little town.” – Varanis
“Screw you and the zebra you rode in on.” – Berra

“Fail listen.” – Berra
“Helmet over eyes.” – Berra
“Why does helmet over eyes prevent you from hearing?” – Nala
“It sits over the ears too.” – Berra

“It’ll be a gift for my temple Bro’s” – Rajar
“I genuinely read ‘broos’ there and… no.” – Berra

“He is more in touch with the spirits.” – Priestess
“No, he really isn’t.” – Nala

“And there was me thinking one of us was a priestess and one of us was an initiate.” – Berra

“So the Prince is probably alive for the moment…” – Xenofos

“Strangely enough, I have taken steps. A thousand of them, in fact.” – Tennebris

“In the right season, you can get through into Silor’s lands, but only when it’s dry.” – Berra

“Duck.” – Berra
“He does.” – GM

“Heal body? and eyepatches?” – Xenofos
“He’th been busy.” – Berra

“Been some probing raids on the border but things have stabilised a bit. Rumour of a new Goddess in Sartar.” – D’Val
“Which goddess…. oh, that’s not us. There’s a new goddess in Prax.” – Berra

“You’ll love Eril….” – Varanis
“Such as sweetheart.” – Varanis

“The high sword is himself again.” – D’Val
“I cannot tell you how pleased I am.” – Berra

“Berra’s looking a bit nervous about the people up top.” – Berra

“Princeps!!!” – Varanis
“Xenofos!” – Varanis
“I believe you mean Thane, not Princeps. …rude muttering.” – Berra

“I pass my Heortling roll and wince.” – Varanis

“Very good, noble Saiciae. Perhaps this will help you with language lessons.” – Kallyr

“The feather doesn’t fall very far from the duck.” – someone who nearly pisses off Berra
Intimidate Roll – Berra

“Rolled on fertility… if Kalis is inviting, V will go with her. Besides, Kalis has baths.” – Varanis
“Kalis isn’t inviting. Kalis is assuming.” – GM

“Berra’s got one sword tied closed, and one that she promises really hard not to draw.” – Berra

“So, anyone else have anyone else to do?” – GM