Seeder Forest

S02 — Session 38

1627, Sea Season, Fertility Week, Windsday to Movement Week, Clayday.

Dramatis Personae






As before, the log will be recounted with extracts from Berra JarangsdottiHumaktisaga, NalaTiwrSaga and The Death of Rajar. As with last time there will be extracts from the Sonnets to Varanis, Sonnets in Praise of Xenefos and The Sonnets to Mellia, Sweetest of Healers, White Lady of Esrolia. There will be reference to the Accounts of the Travels of Irillo Goldentongue. Editorial commentary will be recorded [thus]. The {“D”} voice appears.

Xenofos had a private talk with a New Pelorian, probably Fazzur Wideread.

After some time spent in the camp of the Feathered Horse Queen, Varanis and the party were summoned by a Humakti. They arrived to find both Lunar parties in attendance as well. They were asked to swear a binding oath not to attack one another while in the Grazelands, and for a full week. Varanis made the oath first, swearing on behalf of herself and her companions. Fazzur was called upon next and he made a show of his oath by visibly draining a power storage crystal. The other Lunar was less showy, but also gave his promise. They were invited to leave the camp in three different directions. The Sartarite group was the only one going South. Amusement was afforded by watching the Lunar groups negotiate on how they are leaving.

Once they were free of the Feathered Horse Queen, Xenofos stopped the group and said some things that upset Berra very much; that he was worried about the demon that was created from Lord Eril’s torture, and that he thought it was a terrible idea to do it again. Giving Ikadz, the evil god of torture, (and mortal enemy of Humakt) whose relationship to Chaos was suspect, what he wanted, ie. pain and getting what he wanted in return amounted to a sacrifice thought the Scribe, who found the idea horrible even if the motives would be pure. Using him to create deception was wrong and … Berra did not take kindly to this, and after a bit of argument she asked him to shut up, as she was going to lose her temper. He refused though, because the matter was too important to be left unsaid if something unexpected should happen, and others should at least know what they were going to be involved in. It took Varanis’ command to finally get him to become quiet.

Suuraki spotted a tumbleweed blowing the wrong way, and the party decided there were probably elves around, possibly overhearing them. Varanis was sure that she could see thick-set figures in the wood, but nobody else could. They moved on.

They headed for the Shaker Temple at a decent pace, and spent time there so that those who could worship at the various Temples could contact their gods. Berra Divined of the Hero Eril what orders he had, if Jadetin was sent to visit Prince Kallyr for approval; she did not understand the vision he gave her in return, but she was able to let Kallyr know that he now knew. Most of the party was able to spend some time in worship.

The party left the Shaker Temple, although Nala and her pack opted to stay behind for the time being. They would catch up when they could. The destination was Boldhome, with a possible side trip to the cave by Grey Rock.

As they travelled, Suuraki and Berra spotted a figure in the distance along the road. It looked to Suuraki like an ostrich rider. Getting closer, they realised it was a dragonewt. Berra went out on point and Xenofos immediately went up with her. She put him on her left after he approached on the right, but nevertheless insisted on being half a horse length ahead. Berra did not press the issue, and they rode up to the dragonnewt and its demibird. It told them, “suffusions of crimson petals below.” Berra asked if it meant Lunars, and after consideration it pointed to the moon and said, “Lunars,” as if to confirm that Lunars were of the moon, or else that she was right, or else-else something entirely different.

Either it recognised Valseena, or it could smell the bit of dried dragonewt flesh she carried, as it addressed her directly, asking if dragonewt flesh had brought understanding. Some confusing conversation ensued. Valseena explained that she kept it in a pouch, and wondered if anything else could be done with it. This seemed to confuse the dragonewt even more.

Ultimately, Varanis tried to bring about a courteous conclusion to the interaction by giving a gift. At Suuraki’s suggestion, she produced one of the crocodile teeth and the dragonewt looked at it curiously, then removed a tooth and replaced it with this one. The dragonewt’s face shifted subtly, becoming ever so slightly crocodilian. This made Berra extra watchful and she warned the dragonewt not to ambush them as they went past, if its reflexes went that way. The dragonewt was confused, saying that killing was impossible, which Berra thought meant the crocodile, so she kept trying to explain. Meanwhile, Suuraki was convinced that the blood that had spilled on the ground when this happened was in the shape of a bat, which did add to the Lunars Are About theory1Although it was based on a fumbled Scan.. There was a brief altercation between Berra and Varanis when the Vingan interpreted Berra’s actions as being impolite. Varanis tried to get her to ride on ahead, and Berra only did that on seeing that the dragonewt was looking off into the distance, apparently no longer concentrating on them.

Berra explained to people about the crimson petals in Sartar, in case it was to do with them, and they set off, keeping an eye out for Lunars. Rajar spotted a crimson glow in the mist below them, as they rode down towards the river. Berra, who had not seen it, was sure that there were assassins in the mist.2Fumbled Sense Assassin. She and Rajar went ahead at a trot.

Varanis, trying to hurry to catch up, forgot that she was on Fish, who tore off at a gallop into the mist, passing Berra and Rajar.3Fumbled Ride Roll. Xenofos charged after and Suuraki and Valseena followed at a safer pace. Suuraki’s mount was tall enough that his slow pace was still pretty quick. Varanis held on for dear life until a stockade rose up before her, then she pointed Fish directly at it. He stopped with his nose just close enough to the gate to nudge it open. A voice greeted her from inside, offering her hospitality, but she chose to wait outside for the others to catch up.

The others paused at a fork in the road and Suuraki spotted Varanis’ tracks down the right hand path. He and Xenofos went that way. Valseena and Rajar were close enough behind that they went the right direction. Suuraki drew a big arrow on the ground for Berra to follow. Berra, who was trailing much further behind, failed to see the arrow, went off on the left hand path, and followed it alone for a few minutes. As the group gathered outside the stockade, Varanis noticed Berra’s absence and sent Suuraki to find her.

Berra had returned to the fork to wait, so it did not take long for the two of them to rejoin the others. However, they were going more slowly than the others, and talking about being unable to see the red glow. When the mist cleared, Berra paused as they rode, and looked at the ground to see if she could see a red glow-line. She could, and she pointed it out to Suuraki. They went to tell the others.

They talked about it, voices rising enough that they could be overheard. The invitation was repeated. Berra asked the owner of the voice to show himself – he had a white robe and a red cloak. When they asked about the glowline he said that it was a glowline, and that some felt the Red Emperor had departed from the proper ways. No one felt easy with the place and they decided to leave instead and take the road Berra had started on.

They rode until nightfall, and set up camp, with the usual sort of guard shifts. Varanis could not sleep because she felt ill. She went for a walk and was most definitely ill. She returned to camp, but still could not sleep. Berra discovered her illness when she went to wake Varanis for her guard shift. Valseena diagnosed her with withdrawal of some sort, probably hazia. Berra knew about the hazia-dreamroot mix. She and Suuraki suggested that they might have had red petals and be a ‘suffusion’ and have been on the air near to the red glow. Xenofos was aware that Hazia could have either white or red petals, and the flower bulb was the part from which the addictive sap came.

Thanks to a vigour spell from Berra, Varanis was able to greet Yelm, but little else. They put her up on Calamity and rode on. She was still sick several times over the course of the day.

Eventually, they made their way to the Duck Point ferry. Berra negotiated travel costs for them by arguing with a duck for a while and then agreeing to his price. She then accompanied Varanis on the ferry, which was not big enough for all of the animals and humans at once. The Vingan was ill and narrowly avoided falling into the water, and Berra grabbed for her to be on the safe side.. Rajar decided to tie a lead on her, just in case4Totally for his own amusement..

They made it safely to Duck Point, where a duck who knew Berra let them in late. Varanis managed to prompt Berra to ask about crocodiles, and she asked the duck. He said that crocodiles liked warm water, so she asked him to send word to her in Boldhome if he saw any. He pointed out lizards liked the warmth, but she said in return they had been mixed up in a heroquest, which he saw could be a problem. They put the sick Varanis to bed, and Berra went out to paint the town red, or at least, to have a drink with the drake who had done them a favour.

Berra is obviously seething.
Varanis stares at Xenofos in surprise.
Rajar looks thoughtful and tests the edge on his second best axe

“failed scan – she is still angry, and cute.” – Xenofos

“Elves? Aren’t they a myth?” – GM
“I thought trees were a myth…” – Suuraki

“Rajar? What’s an elf?” – Suuraki

“‘Carry on up the Dragon’ is an obscure film based on Gloranthan slang.” – Berra

“plumes…” – Xenofos
“People as small as Berra is!” – Berra

“fail – such a cute nose” – Xenofos
“Sometimes her nose twitches when she is angry.” – Berra

“Suffusion of Crimson Petals below.” – Berra

“These dragonewts are so comprehensible. It’s confusing.” – Berra

“Whoop! Fumble!” – Suuraki

“Teeth and Salt,” Berra says to him. It’s more a statement than a friendly greeting or thanks.

“He’s looking a bit like you do, when Eril is using long words. Out of noun error.” – GM

“fail both, cute but seriously pissed off” – Xenofos
“Berra’s also got a cute scowl, yes.” – Berra
“And is deploying it.” – Berra

“If that WAS a Sense Assassin roll I just made, I should ‘fess up I fumbled it.” – Berra

“Shouldn’t we stop them?” – Valseena
“Are we charging? Did someone call the charge?” – Suuraki

“I’m going to kill this horse.” – Varanis
*laughs too much to breathe* – the group.

“Much as I hate to say this – I had drawn my sword. Would I have dropped it to grab the neck?” – Varanis
“She is charging a tad aggressively.” – Xenofos

*fails track despite 50% bonus* – Berra

“I have resisted the urge to kill the horse in a rage.” – Varanis

“Varanis does a head count. Where’s Berra?” – Varanis
“Berra and Followed are both absent.” – Berra

“Maybe Berra’s under your bison?” – Berra
“She’s short…” – Berra

“I wonder if all dragonewts are shamans.” – Suuraki
“I wonder if all dragonewts are nuts.” – Valseena
“That’s what I said.” – Suuraki

“I think that even shamans think dragonewts are shamans.” – Berra
*stares* – Suuraki

“It’s not THE glowline. It’s A glowline.” – Seeder
“What’s the difference?” – Xenofos
“About twenty thousand legionaries.” – Suuraki

“I assume that if you cut off the front half of Fish, and found a different front half and joined them together…” – GM

“Berra’s got little Humakti smiles happening and is cuddling her sword.” – Berra
“Not the broken one. The proper one.” – Berra

“Don’t stray too far. It’s really inconvenient to carry the body back too far.” – Rajar

“Look down.” – Berra
*looks down* – Suuraki
“Further down.” – Berra

“May the goddess of salt and teeth be with you.” – Suuraki
“The threats are getting mean…” – Xenofos

  • 1
    Although it was based on a fumbled Scan.
  • 2
    Fumbled Sense Assassin.
  • 3
    Fumbled Ride Roll.
  • 4
    Totally for his own amusement.