Blood will Out

S02 — Session 7

1626, Earth Season, Death Week, Clayday to around Windsday Dusk

Dramatis Personae


Berra, when not NPCd


Berra, a bit
Alia, Priestess of Ernalda
An unnamed Initiate of Ernalda
An unnamed Lay Member of Ernalda
Three Unruly Storm Bulls, one named Granshia
Lord Hofhrai
Alyara, second to Lord Hofhrai
An unnamed bookie
Zinat the Wolf
Lord Venlar, and his thralls
A back view of Yamia coping very well with the world thank you
Lord Silor


As before, the log will be recounted with extracts from the private poetry collection of Dr Tomm.

She is Uleria in my arms. All loves and desires are answered.
She is Elmal, faithful to a word, a memory.
She is Mahome, of my hearth the guardian.
She is Yelm’s fire, set high above me.

I am Orlanth, farmer. I feed her.
I am Orlanth, warrior. Protection is mine to give her.
I am Orlanth, King. I rule all things but her I will not command.
I am Orlanth Four-arms, and four are not enough to hold her.

Venlar II-17, Trans Garin

What Really Happened

Session Quotes