Small Sword

S02 — Session 40

1627, End of Sea Season

Dramatis Personae




High Sword Eril
Prince Kallyr Starbrow
Storm Voice Tennebris
High Sword Geoffri of Duck Point
Joquill Greenleaf, a Yelmalian aldryami


As before, the log will be recounted with extracts from Berra JarangsdottiHumaktisaga, NalaTiwrSaga and The Death of Rajar. As with last time there will be extracts from the Sonnets to Varanis, Sonnets in Praise of Xenefos and The Sonnets to Mellia, Sweetest of Healers, White Lady of Esrolia. There will be reference to the Accounts of the Travels of Irillo Goldentongue. Editorial commentary will be recorded [thus]. The {“D”} voice appears.

On the road to Boldhome, the party separated, with Irillo and Danaril continuing in the general direction of Blue Tree and Alda Chur. The group got back to Boldhome, and split to go to their various Temples. Xenofos followed Varanis to the Storm Temple, where she spoke to Tennebris. Rajar did not get pushed down the stairs at the Storm Bull Temple as a prank, but it was a close-run thing. Suuraki did a few things in the city.

Berra had an audience with Eril in which she reported, and then asked for a private one a little later, after remembering she had failed to tell him something. This was granted, but she had to wait some time. She made a bit of a mess while whittling, so someone gave her a broom and taught her how to use it, which had some odd cutting strokes to it, which reminded her oddly of the Greatsword. Then an initiate called her to see Eril1”Lady Berra?”
“Just Initiate Berra.”
. She asked him if Yamia knew about him being a hero, and he said no2And Berra then left that completely alone.. She beseeched the Temple to put Humakt’s Gift onto her sword, Wind Tooth, thus admitting it was no longer on the one she had been lent, and showing him the damage. She told him she planned to get it remade shorter, and he told her to use the excess metal to make a torc.

Tennebris showed them a copy of a text announcing the betrothal of the King of Tarsh to Mirava Saiciae. He asked if Varanis knew about it and she denied it and said her grandmother hadn’t informed her this was going to happen. Both Orlanthi were crackling with anger, but neither challenged the other. Tennebris said he would take the matter to Kallyr now that he had her answer. Varanis was to wait at the White Grape for word from the Storm Voice or the palace. Xenofos used the opportunity to relay greetings from Fazzur to Kallyr and refused renumeration offered by Tennebris.

Xenofos escorted his cousin to the inn, then made for the Temple of Uleria. At the temple, he made a donation to seek Divination, which was accepted. He was then offered an opportunity to have assistance interpreting the Goddess’ message, which he accepted. Things progressed as they do in the Temple of Uleria and he left with his mind and heart expanded. Or something like that.

Varanis hung around in the inn seething until people got back – first of all Berra and Rajar. She told them what had happened, and that she was waiting to be called for, and they settled down to wait. Xenofos came back some time later, by which point it was clear they were not going to be summoned soon and the next morning Berra went off to see to the remaking of the sword, and the torc. When she got back, the others had gone to the palace, but Suuraki had returned, so she briefed him and they discussed how they would not be killing Mirava. They spoke a little about trackless waists, as Berra was in a confused mood about Valseena.

On arrival at the palace, Varanis, Xenofos, and Rajar were led to Kallyr’s semi-private morning room, where the Prince greeted her kinswoman with a hug3And a fumbled attempt to break ribs… and a whispered warning. “If this is deliberate, if you have abused our kinship, your name will be infamy. My kinswoman.” Both Vingans were fuelled by anger, but somehow managed a relatively peaceful meal. Varanis noted that none of the foods were local – Esrolian, Lunar, Tarshite… it’s as though there was a subtle message that she doesn’t really belong here and would be more comfortable elsewhere. Rajar didn’t care where the food was from, only where it was going. He ate with enough appetite for everyone. During the meal, Kallyr quizzed Varanis about her visit to the Feathered Horse Queen. She wanted to know whether the Luminous Stallion King was attractive, to which Varanis replied that he certainly thinks so. Both women wished that Varanis had been more successful in her efforts.

When the meal finally drew to a close, they rolled Rajar down the stairs ahead of them. He made it back to the White Grape with only some ominous gurgling from his guts.4He has the constitution of a bison. Back at the inn, they found Berra and Suuraki and discussed plans to find and rescue Mirava. More than once, Berra reminded Varanis that while she would help in a rescue, she would not be party to an unwelcomed kidnapping. Varanis was too angry to particularly care and indeed, shocked Xenofos with a few choice words about Grandmother Saiciae. Varanis was happy enough with the idea of taking Mirava to somewhere in Prax to cool down a bit.

Faced with the problem of trying to locate Mirava, Varanis went to the Earth Temple to enlist aid from Kalis. The High Priestess made a sacrifice and helped Varanis to interpret the blood splatters, which seemed to suggest that the Ernaldan priestess, Mirava, could be found just west of Dunstop. After the ritual, Kalis managed to convince Varanis to stay a while to cool her temper. During this time, everyone else took advantage of the opportunity to pray and worship at their various temples and shrines around Boldhome.

At last, they set out for Tarsh, retracing much of their route of the last few weeks.

At Duck Point, they settled into the inn that they had used before, and were just digging into a meal when not one but two messengers arrived. A human and a duck had a brief struggle by the door before the duck leg-swept the human and stepped over him, trampling him in passing. Berra recognised the messenger was in fact the Duck Point High Sword of Humakt, Geoffri Ring-Eye, and greeted him. He asked about Drakemere and bringing the Humakti into the fold. Berra said that the duck there would probably want to stay with her village, alone, prompting Geoffri to call them both arrogant. Berra did not exactly disagree. Geoffri said he would send someone to see to the duck’s spiritual needs.

On his way out, Geoffri scored a direct hit to the human’s nethers with his webbed foot. The man managed to gasp his way into a chair after healing himself, and asked on behalf of his Queen about there being blood of Sartar available to marry. Varanis told him that Leika should talk to Kallyr, which made him very worried. However, he did manage to extract the existence of two brothers of Varanis from her. He determined to write to the Lord of her House, and Xenofos5Special on Honour. was the only person who spoke up to say perhaps he should take advice on that first.6For her part, Varanis encouraged him to write to the lord of House Saiciae (failed Honour).

Then they slept deeply for the night and in the morning, met a new Duck, one without a sword, who would be accompanying them into Tarsh. Berra asked about the sword, and was told that the sword was in the head.

They ferried the river, and set off up towards the Dragon’s Mouth, passing through the minimal whimpering from Xenofos, who had to ride up towards the thing for several kilometers, watching it get bigger. After a while Godfri the Duck bade them farewell, and they rode on. As they went, Suuraki heard the air whisper, in Trade Talk, ‘tree killer’…

He pointed this out and asked if anyone matched that description. Rajar admitted that just maybe, he did. The whispers, which only Suuraki could hear, continued. Berra, scanning for trouble noticed that something green was growing from Rajar’s back. Vines seemed to writhe as they tried to entangle the big Praxian’s limbs. The Humakti shouted at him to dismount, which he did with alacrity. Almost immediately, he threw himself backwards trying to crush whatever was attacking him. Berra dashed over, trying to work out how to cut away the vines, while Rajar flailed and punched at himself. The vines were growing from the wood of the axes.

Varanis called out to the aldryami, “Stop! We come in peace!” One of them responded to her hail and words were exchanged. He accused her of choosing her company poorly, which led to a conversation between them and Suuraki about Praxians and their use of axes. At last, he stepped forward, swinging his gold tipped spear at the now standing Storm Bull. Rajar prepared himself to take the attack without flinching and was rewarded by the point of the spear stopping at and then stopping the vines’ encroaching attack.

The spear-wielder was one Joquill Greenleaf, known to Suuraki as the Yelmalian aldryami who married an Ernaldan at the Paps that one time. He asked their business and Varanis explained that they sought to rescue her sister, an Ernaldan, from kidnappers. When he pointed out that there were myths of Yelmalio rescuing the Earth Goddess, she decided to invite him along and to her surprise, he accepted.

“The Luminous Stallion King. To negotiate with Kallyr.” – Tennebris
“What could possibly go wrong?” – Rajar
“Did she send a grown-up?” – Tennebris

“You read, don’t you?” – Tennebris
“….” – Varanis

“Let it be announced that the Lord of Tarsh, great chief of everything, from Kero Fin to the Borders of the world, noblest assistant to the Red Emperor, &c &c, has the pleasure to announce he is taking a new bride, Mirava Saiciae.” – GM
“I just knocked over my cup of tea.” – Varanis

“Shall we say the atmsophere is charged?” – GM
“Point of order. It’s electric. It’s only charged in Issarian Temples.” – Berra

“I BET Eril can force-strangle people.” – Berra
“He just doesn’t bother. A cutting remark will do.” – Berra

Berra: Berra patters into the inn courtyard without her bison, and yells a happy hello.
Varanis: Varanis storms into the White Grape. Calls for wine, but then doesn’t drink it.

“You are asked how you would like guidance on understanding the answer [from Uleria].” – GM
“To which the answer is ‘orally’.” – Berra

“She leans in to breathe words of affection in your ear.” – GM
“By private chat or…” – Varanis
“No, I’ll just spill it… If this is deliberate, if you have abused our kinship, your name will be infamy. My kinswoman.” – Kallyr

Varanis: 6/36 intrigue
“It’s also a suggestion that you would be more comfortable with one of these cuisines.” – GM
“Fortunately, Rajar hasn’t noticed.” – Rajar

“Tennebris tells me you have found a proxy suitor.” – Kallyr
“I wish I’d been more successful on that front.” – Varanis
“Yes, so do I.” – Kallyr

“When they say ‘come back with your shield or on it’ they don’t mean as a toboggan.” – GM

“Her walk should be illegal. But she has too much sway in this town.” – Berra

“I never thought I would miss Manasa and Doqeia!” – Varanis

“He writes it in Esrolian in front of you.” – GM
“Yeah, I’m sure that says what he says it says.” – Varanis

“The passers-by become increasingly short and irritable.” – GM
“We’ve found Berra’s people!” – Varanis

“So she’s as arrogant as you.” – Geoffri
“I don’t know. I didn’t ask her.” – Berra

“Tell your Queen she should negotiate with Leika. (Kallyr?)” – Varanis
“Um, is that the reply you want me to give to Queen Leika?” – Messenger

“Very well. I shall write to the Lord of your House.” – Messenger
“Yes! You should write to the Lord of my House.” – Varanis

“Does your Humakti understand that the birds and the humans doesn’t work like that?” – Ferryduck
“I’m not sure she works like that at all.” – Rajar

“Well, I passed Loyalty (Varanis) so I’ll follow her.” – Xenofos
“I’ll go after him to kill him if he breaks and runs.” – Berra

“Special!” – Berra
“Yes, but you’re short. You’re only seeing the things close to the ground.” – Varanis

“That reminds me of ornaments in the temple of Flamal in Esrolia.” – Xenofos rolls Scan

“Support with javelin is probably not helpful…” – Xenofos
“You never know until you try.” – Berra

“Imagine if you would Eril…” – GM
<violent head-shake> – Berra

“His god touches him in strange ways at times.” – Varanis

“Show us on the doll.” – Suuraki

“And he needs that many [axes] to strike Praxians?” – Elf Lord
“There are a lot of Praxians.” – Varanis
“We do a lot of striking.” – Suuraki

“I am Joquill Greenleaf.” – Joquill Greenleaf.

“What is the appropriate way to draw a sword in front of my High Sword?” – Berra
“Very slowly.” – GM

  • 1
    ”Lady Berra?”
    “Just Initiate Berra.”
  • 2
    And Berra then left that completely alone.
  • 3
    And a fumbled attempt to break ribs…
  • 4
    He has the constitution of a bison.
  • 5
    Special on Honour.
  • 6
    For her part, Varanis encouraged him to write to the lord of House Saiciae (failed Honour).