Rune Messiah

S02 — Session 26

1626, Storm Season, Harmony Week

En route to the Paps

Dramatis Personae


As before, the log will be recounted with extracts from Berra JarangsdottiHumaktisaga, NalaTiwrSaga and The Death of Rajar. As with last time there will be extracts from the Sonnets to Varanis, Sonnets in Praise of Xenofos and The Sonnets to Mellia, Sweetest of Healers, White Lady of Esrolia. There will be reference to the Accounts of the Travels of Irillo Goldentongue. Editorial commentary will be recorded [thus]. We now also encounter Suraakissaga.

“Ah, gentlemen and ladies. Welcome to our new e-learning version. I trust the technology is cooperating? I must apologise for our enforced hiatus. I am sure you have been kept entertained by our guest lecturers.

Now, we have a lot of ground to cover, and some important questions to answer.

We know that in late Bronze Age Glorantha a new folk belief arose in a crocodile God akin to Sobek. We shall see in later lectures how that belief developed, and the wider repercussions of it, but in this lecture we will have a look at the folding of this event into representatives of the mythic saga culture of the time. We see similar accumulation of myths, of course, in the King Arthur or Robin Hood cycles. So, let us begin with our heroes, newly reunited with Mellia, riding forth towards the Paps. And starting with one of our occasional extracts from the Vareena fragments.”

When White Lady waited
Wide waters washed away Vareena
Fell Zola fought frightening, Forced famed Far-Rider under

A separate fragment states:

Peacebringer’s pride, on sun-parched plains made
Swift sacrifice to ancient goddess, saliferous and sharp.
Rage of waters returned to Wakboth’s ruined waste.

“The stylistic difference suggest these fragments were composed by distinct authors, once again raising the question of whether or not they refer to the same individual. Well, what does this mean? Well, we find something similar in the Sonnets to Varanis. The similarities are more than coincidental I feel. Some suggest that the Varanis cycle has absorbed the preceding Vareena documents. This is possible. I would argue, from a linguistic point of view, that these are merely different cultures reporting of the same event. Not all my colleagues agree. Perhaps you might address this in your essays this week? Now, let us consider the clearly Sartarite influenced Suraakissaga.”

Suraaki surging
Sartars sweet swimming princelet
Spear-axe as save staff

“A Question? What? Oh I’m not even going to dignify that by calling it an interesting question! It’s Sartarite influenced because of the alliterative form within a Praxian 5/7/5 syllable count structure. Perhaps see me afterwards, and we can aim your tutorials a little? Right. Where was I. Yes. The story. We can see that a Princeling of the House of Sartar fell into a river and was saved by a Praxian. Whereas in Varæna we see the Zola Fel attempting to drown the protagonist. Varæna is, of course, a known Sartarite Princeling at this stage. So, that is one link, but then, if we look at the Sonnets to Varanis…”

Then Dread Teeth and Brine draws Varanis down
Within her coils and fangs the great thane drowns
But ne’er befall this fate for such a one
And then her sturdy house guards to her run

The Llama rider warlike casts his spear
And with a blow that weaker folks would fear
He plucks the great Thane from the salty flood
And saves the moment with his own hearts blood

What Really Happened

Session Quotes

  • 1
    Varanis sent a bundle of letters to House Saiciae. Venlar sent one to his father.
  • 2
    failed Survival
  • 3
    fumbled Survival, Ride; failed Swim; passed (con×5)²
  • 4
    failed str×5 by mount, passed Swim
  • 5
    specialled Survival & Ride
  • 6
    Torrent, probably: Traditionally a raging one
  • 7
    ’Two Blue Scales’. Even though he is an amphibian.
  • 8
    fumbled Lore (Homeland)
  • 9
    fumbled Sense Chaos
  • 10
    did NOT fumble Sense Chaos
  • 11
    Rajar passed Sense Chaos and decided that wherever the Chaos was, it was not here anymore
  • 12
    Until the GM made her and Rajar roll on Air and then they realised that of course, it was all true and they’d brought the water to Prax.
  • 13
    Fortunately she failed Air as he talked about how he had killed it.
  • 14
  • 15
    Orlanth Amphibious?
  • 16
  • 17
    Thane of Blue Tree, Thane from Saiciae, who will be… well, the Future is yet to come.
  • 18
  • 19
    Anung un Esh…