Praxis makes Perfect

S02 — Session 18

1626, end of Earth Season

Dramatis Personae




A zebra seller
A gate guard
Daine Humakti
Some other guards
Argrath’s guard picket line


(Taken mostly from Berra’s WRH.)

Varanis and Rajar committed to the journey to Pavis. This was fortunate as Rajar could help get her bison on board. Once it had been explained to Xenofos that horses would not be welcome, he sent his home. Berra ‘helped’ get Tiwr on board by asking if he had learned to walk on water yet. Nala held out a sweet for him and he pranced on board.

The journey across the Mirrorsea Bay was calm and uneventful, but the waves came up to meet them when they came into the Sea of Storms. Berra was miserable for much of the journey, until they got to Corflu, and everyone else was not seasick at all. People helped Rajar and Xenofos bargain for some cavalry zebras, with Berra doing surprisingly well given her rather straightforward approach to bargaining. In testing them, Xenofos fell off what was obviously a spirited, noble animal. Xenofos decided that Varanis would have a cavalry zebra, not a riding zebra, too.

They set off to ride upriver to Pavis. The journey was uneventful. They broke it after a few nights out at a marble-walled house which had some very interesting earthworks and features, including buried walls inside big ditches, rather than standing up. It belonged to someone called Lord Raus. Nala, Rajar, and Xenofos knew who he was, but by the time the group found out he was a Lunar they were his guests.

Lord Raus was away, but his captain, Daine, greeted them. He was a Humakti who sized Berra up and got sized up in turn. She offered, as she was his guest and a Humakti, to stand watch, but said she would understand if the guards preferred not. She was told her hosts would be poor ones if they could not protect their guests. Nala went out to the river to tell Huljeem that he was nearly home, and to touch his shoulder bone to the holy waters. She carefully avoided the sluggish crocodiles there.

There was food put on for them all, with various sorts of meat, some of it even fresh. Xenofos got into a talk with a knowledgeable man, and Berra caught what they were saying and excitedly explained to him what the earthworks would do. Daine asked her, in mildly sardonic tones, to explain, and she did that, pausing to check partway through that he had in fact designed them. He said his lord had ordered it and he had filled in some details. Berra let him know just how impressed she was.

Meanwhile, a Praxian hunter, Suuraki, turned up with meat and hides to sell, and was invited in. He talked to Rajar late into the night about all the tribal bickering nearby, and the group hired him on to go to Pavis, as he knew the route well.

Daine sat down beside Berra at breakfast and asked if she was for hire. She was not, but offered to help her host if she could Daine said there was nothing currently the matter but to come back to the house when they passed that way – she said she would, if they passed that way. Then it was on to Pavis.

They made for the encampment where Venna was in charge, as apparently Suuraki knew her well enough to speak to her. The cavalry pickets were a White Sable and a High Llama. As they cantered off Xenofos was rather distracted and managed to fall off his zebra again.

They saw Venna, who was just as irritable and overworked as last time, and offered their help for the next time she was free to give them something to do. Argrath, Venna said, was busy and it would not be a good time to disturb him. After that, getting her alone for a moment, Berra took up some of her time to ask why Lord Raus was still there, and was roundly told to get lost.

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