Holding Out on a Hero

S02 — Session 8

1626, Earth Season, Death Week, Windsday to Fertility Week, Wildday

Dramatis Personae




Venlar, in a slightly Orlanthish way
Venlar, in a rather alarmed way
Some guards of Hulta who are not important
Some aristocracy of Hulta who are very very important
Kesten Hulta, probably a Lord
The corpse of Lord Rillo Hulta
The ghost of Lord Rillo Hulta
Zinat, who can fly
Tiwr, who cannot fly
Some dead guards
Some more guards of Hulta, neither important nor dead
The scent trail of a probable assassin


As before, the log is accompanied by an extract from the private poem collection of Dr Tomm.

The ravaged brown land-bones stiffen under frosts and the desperate warmth of golden leaves is trampled.
No softness can last, until she comes.

As the white cloak of winter descends
We slip shivering to our homes and hearths
To wonder on this question
Does she wear snow for its quiet heavy patience
Or did it settle on her to keep off the fever heats?

Within, we do our work of words.
Outside, mercy falls.

Venlar III-2, Trans B. Prince

What Really Happened

Session Quotes