Talks In The Dusk

Lenta — Talks In The Dusk



At the Blue Tree on the evening after the Fertility ritual [[[s02:session-55|Session 55]]]


As Varanis is trying to find out how much lighter the perry of season is when compared to perry of yesteryear Lenta appears with a cup of perry.
She has freshened up, changed to new clothes and looks if not ready to enter a Nochet ball, at least not like someone who has slept on a durulz nest.

Varanis is over near the hearth, sitting with Venlar. She rises suddenly, hesitates, and then makes an abrupt turn, heading in Lenta’s direction.

The Vingan is staggering and looks a bit Ernaldan, which is to say, green.

Lenta raises an eyebrow. “Do you perhaps feel you need a bit of Air, Varanis?”

“That’s where I’m going, Lenta. Out.” And indeed, she passes the other Esrolian as she makes for the door. Quickly.

There is faint tingling as the short woman turns to follow the Vingan with her gaze. After a while she raises her cup as greeting to Venlar and follows the redhead out.

At first, Lenta can’t see where she’s gone, but then she catches a flicker of movement passing around the back of the hall, in the direction of the jacks.

Ernaldan nods and turns to look at the cliffs on the side of the village.

Not long after, Varanis returns. “Oh. Hello, Lenta. Aren’t you cold?” She sounds odd, but it’s hard to pin down why. Mind you, there is the sweet scent of perry on her breath when she gets close.

Around Lenta there is the sweet scent of violets. “It is a bit chilly, yes.” She looks at Varanis “I wished to have words. But maybe now is not a good time?”

“I suppose it depends on what you wish to discuss?” The words are enunciated carefully. “And what you need from me. I don’t feel… great. I drank too much, I suppose and my stomach is rebelling somewhat.”

She looks at her cup of perry. “I… Hmmm I thought I had thought what to say and would say it confidently. But this is harder than I imagined.” She straightens her back and throws the look of those green eyes at Varanis. “I wish to talk of some stories of Orlanth and Ernalda.”

Varanis arches a brow. “Now? Alright. Can we go back inside though? It’s cold out here.”

Lenta nods and offers her arm to be led back in. (Or maybe to gauge how inebriated Varanis is.)1 In principle it is normal behaviour, but it is not a habit Lenta has been keeping up in the camp.

This too gets a look, but then Varanis politely extends her arm and escorts Lenta back into the hall. “There?” she suggests, nodding towards a section of the hearth that has recently been abandoned.

“It looks good, and the warmth of the hearth is good.” The smaller woman gathers her green hems neatly and sits down. “Maybe your stomach would like some water for a change?”

Varanis wrinkles her nose. “I’m fine. What do you wish to speak of?”

“When Berra asked me for Ernalda, she did not tell me she would ask you for Orlanth. I am sorry if that put you in an awkward situation.” The young woman is earnest in her voice. She pats Varanis on her arm and looks at her deep in the eyes.2 and incidentally passes charm augmented with harmony in the process3 Bahahahahaha – I just rolled on Fertility because of what you rolled. result 01

Varanis’ gaze grows heated. “I was surprised, but I did not mind. You make a wonderful Ernalda.”

She adds, “You look beautiful this evening, by the way.”

“Thank you” Lenta tilts her head and looks at the Vingan with a slight blush. “I am sorry I had to hurt your pride, but when walking the boundaries securing harvest is the most important thing.”

The Vingan shrugs as if it was no matter to her at all. “You were Ernalda. It was the right thing to do. I just found myself caught up in my role. You know, I don’t think I’ve seen those earrings before. So delicate. Very finely made.” She leans in to study them and Lenta can feel her breath. “Yes, lovely work…”

Green eyes look large like pools from this distance. “There is another story of Ernalda and Orlanth going around you know?”

“Oh?” Varanis breathes, pulling back so she can see Lenta’s face.

“One that talks of Ernalda sending Orlanth away on a mission…” the green eyes measure the Vingan “You scared me when you went out from the cliffs the other day. And others.”

Now Varanis winces and draws back. “Look, I’m sorry. I thought people would be used to me climbing when I need space to think. It’s what I always do.”

Lenta nods. “I did not have time to be really scared before I was told you were well. Others had. I do not really appreciate hearing I sent you there though.” She holds the Vingans hand and traces outline of the movement runes there. “I understand you were frustrated.”

“I don’t like knowing that something is wrong, but not having enough information to help.”

Finger moves to the circle of the Fire rune. “There are things I must figure out by myself. They may hurt sometimes but if I say they are mine you should respect that, Varanis.”

Looking suitably abashed, Varanis murmurs, “I’m sorry. I thought I was getting better at being told no. I suppose I slipped. I’ve just been feeling rather out of sorts lately.”

With a sigh, she says, “I think I need to sleep, Lenta. I’m very tired and I feel awful.”

Lenta gives her a light hug and murmurs “Take some water, you’ll feel better tomorrow.”

Varanis nods, rises slightly unsteadily, and drifts away in search of water and bed.

Lenta follows her with her gaze. Then she tussles hair of a little girl who is looking at her earrings.

Lenta wants to have words with drunk Varanis.

  • 1
    In principle it is normal behaviour, but it is not a habit Lenta has been keeping up in the camp.
  • 2
    and incidentally passes charm augmented with harmony in the process
  • 3
    Bahahahahaha – I just rolled on Fertility because of what you rolled. result 01