In company of the Pathfinder

Year 1628, Earth Season,Stasis Week, Wind Day (maybe)


Since Berra and Varanis were still exiled from Colymar it was decided that Finarvi and Lenta would travel to Dangmar’s stead. Season 3 Sartar arc 7


It was decided Finarvi and Lenta would follow the northern route to Dangmarsstead. Lenta said short goodbyes to Varanis and Berra and gestured for Finarvi to lead the way.

The Grazelander rode in silence, seemingly dissatisfied with his borrowed mount.

Lenta rode a bay mare that seemed to be well natured and familiar to her. She wore green dress with multicolored skirts and carried no weapons. After a while she asked “Is something wrong, Finarvi?”

Her words startled Finarvi out of his thoughts. “What?” He reflexively looked around for danger before realising his mistake. “…No? Nothing amiss, I think.”

“You looked kind of vexed?” The Ernaldan explains.

“Too much going on that I don’t understand,” he offered, with a gesture that included Boldhome and possibly all of Sartar in the statement.
“Not that understanding would help,” he added, “but it might stop me saying or doing the wrong thing.”

Lenta nods. There is slight jingle from her earrings. “Being banned from Colymar is quite awkward for them. Especially tough on Berra, I guess.”

“Hard on both, I think, to be exiled from Blue Tree.”
He looks troubled.

Lenta gives him a sympathetic smile.

“I understand why we need to search for the armour, but the timing, politically…” he sighs. “I fear we are rushing towards trouble.”

Lenta shrugs delicately. “If it is trouble for us… I do owe her quite a lot.”

Finarvi accepts this amiably. “You have known Varanis for a long time?”

“About two years…” Lenta looks at the road ahead. “Varanis was quite gracious when she introduce me to you. She did not speak of how we first met.”

Finarvi raises an eyebrow at this, but he makes an encouraging noise. “Despite being almost family, I don’t know much of Varanis’s life in Esrolia. She doesn’t talk about the past if she can avoid it.”

“I first met her when she had done Lightbringers quest, attending parties in Nochet.” She glances sideways at Finarvi and crosses her arms. “Truth be told, I became quite infatuated with her… Tried to meet her in every opportunity, flirt with her…”

Finarvi, attentive, gestures to her to go on.

“And I was kidnapped by a man who had a grudge against her. I thought I was following Varanis, but it was someone posing as her…” She looks forward. “My family blamed Varanis… The Saiciae have been rivals of Hulta for as long as I know. But she saved me with her friends and that was cleared in Queen’s court. So I owe her… them my life.”

Finarvi looks impressed by this tale. It’s clear he hasn’t heard it before.
“And your family?” He asks, sympathetically. “How did they react?”

“My mother blames Varanis still. Wrongly. My stupidity and that churl’s vileness are to blame. Grandmother… She allowed me to express my gratitude to Varanis…”

He nods thoughtfully. “And it was suggested that you should avoid Nochet for a while?” he offers, with a sad smile.

There is silvery tingle as Lenta turns to look at Finarvi with a furrowed brow. “No? I stayed in Nochet for couple of seasons and when I heard of the plan to follow Varanis to help Kallyr I decided to help with that.”

“The plan?”He looks momentarily confused, then remembers something. “Ah, the army of irregulars Varanis mentioned.”

Lenta nods. “Varanis has inspired many…”

He grins at that. “Indeed, she does.” He chuckles. “She gives inspiring speeches one day, and then the next, she’s playing tricks like a mischievous youth.” He shakes his head. “Lenta, I am sorry about yesterday. Varanis was acting so strangely, and I realised after that what I said might have been taken for cruelty. It was not my intention.”

Lenta blinks and nods. “It is alright, Finarvi.” She turns to look at him. “And you? How did you end up travelling with Varanis and Berra?”

“Ah, the usual. Duty. I blame my cousin, Serala. If it weren’t for her, I’d still be at home in the Grazelands.”

“You are Serala’s cousin?” There is something fragile in Lenta’s voice when she says that, but she smiles despite that.

“Our grandmothers were sisters. Though I was pretty much raised along with her and Endars.” He stares at his mount’s ears and sighs. “I hope she’s bringing our horses back. No insult to the Lismelder tribe, but we put a lot of training into our war ponies.”

“You follow your cousin? She is a friend of Varanis I understand, but I have not heard how they met.” Lenta says, looking forward. “You wear Issaries runes and said you are a redsmith? A warrior too?”

“When I have to be.”

Ernaldan nods. “I trust you to guide us safely to Dangmar’s stead, Finder of Paths. Hopefully no fighting will be needed.”