Talk In The Chief’s Hall

Lenta — Talk In The Chief S Hall

1627, Earth Season


Late Earth season, second day at the Blue Tree . [[[s02:session-54|Session 54]]]
Spoilery for Berra.


The morning after their arrival in Blue Tree, Varanis has entirely failed to notice that Lenta is upset. However, about an hour after Yelmrise, she goes seeking the Ernaldan, a concerned expression on her face.

Lenta is in the chiefs hall, sitting at the high table eating a light breakfast. She nods to Varanis as she enters the hall and continues slicing an apple to clean little wedges.

“May I join you?” the Vingan asks, approaching the table.

The small Ernaldan nods with a smile.1scan roll 99 Varanis misses that this morning Lenta has given very much care to her hairdo and makeup. She has had makeup during the campaign, but not as formal as now.

Varanis does so, taking up an apple from the table for herself. She turns grey eyes toward Lenta, the look full of intense longing. 2 So…. I rolled insight for Lenta. I don’t have to ask her skill level. Rolled 01.

There is faint scent of violets. Lenta is looking towards the door, leaving Varanis to look at her profile. 3 she is seething with the effects of harmony 00 rolled during her previous discussion, so this new found gentleness does not fall onto fertile ground

“Are you ok?” The question is asked lovingly.

There is a short glance at Varanis and faint tingling of Lenta’s earrings as she turns her head back. “Pretty irritated if you must know, Varanis,” she says with a controlled voice and smile.4 Lenta passes truth though

“Do you wish to speak of it? We can talk here, or take a walk if you prefer.”

“I’ll cope. ” Her tone is controlled, makeup perfect and posture very straight. She is not looking at Varanis.

“Lenta,” Varanis sounds frustrated. “Will you please look at me?”

The younger woman turns slowly, retaining her smile levelling her gaze at Varanis challengingly.

“Why won’t you talk to me?! Have I done something wrong?”

“Not everything is about you, Varanis,” Lenta answers. “But you have done nothing wrong, don’t worry.”

“How can I help if you won’t talk to me,? Ernalda’s tits, woman! I’m trying to help you!” Varanis slams her apple on the table with such force that it’s likely only good to be cooked into sauce now.5 ((*Good grief! What is with my dice?-Varanis* Rolled on Harmony and fumbled. Rolled on Air and passed.))

“Did it occur to you to ask if I want help, Varanis?” Lenta rises slowly. She is still smiling but her voice is a bit unsteady. “No. You just… you just…” She fails to finish the sentence.

“But you’re mine and I have to look after my people. It’s my responsibility, Lenta! You’re my responsibility.” Perhaps that wasn’t love in the Vingan’s voice earlier. Perhaps it was duty instead.

“You are not my Grandmother. I am my own woman.” Lenta swipes off an invisible speck of bread from her dress. As she looks down she blinks rapidly. “Hearing you say that would have made me happy some other time… Damn her!” As she looks up she inhales and her face settles to a smile.

Varanis throws her hands up in frustration. “Fine! If you change your mind, I am here for you. Or I will be, after I go find something tall to climb.”

Lenta turns away with a faint tingling sound and a huff.

Varanis storms out.

Lenta and Varanis have a talk in the Chief’s hall. Spoilery for Berra.