Talks In The Pale Morning Light II

Lenta — Talks In The Pale Morning Light Ii



Blue Tree village second morning after the Orlanth drunk ritual [[[s02:session-55|Session 55]]]


Yelm has risen above the mountainside and the Vingans have slain Yelm. Air is still pretty chilly when Varanis leaves the shrine. From the direction of horse pen someone greets her with a wave and Esrolian greeting of Yelmrise.

Varanis turns to look, then makes her way over to Lenta. “Good morning,” she says after returning the more ritualistic greeting. “Did you sleep well?”

The short woman nods while patting her bay. “I did. And you?”

“Well enough, I suppose. I have been having strange dreams again.” The Vingan shrugs. Having shared a tent for some time now, Lenta knows that Varanis is prone to dreaming, though her nightmares are infrequent.

The look younger woman gives Varanis is sympathetic. “Maybe the ill spirits that follow drinking?”

“Perhaps.” There’s a little shrug. “I’m going to buy a house in Boldhome,” Varanis says without preamble. “A place for any of our little band to call home. You would be welcome to call it home too.”

Lenta blinks and drops the carrot she was giving her mare”Oh…”

“You don’t have to,” Varanis adds quickly. “It’s just, I want you to have somewhere safe to be.”

The younger woman shakes her down turned head, keeps on blinking and turns towards facing Varanis, lightly gripping the Vingans arm. “That was just… You don’t have to…” (It looks like she was going to go for a hug but stopped.)

“I’m not offering out of obligation, Lenta. I respect the work that you have done. I think you’re a good person. I can’t offer you more than lasting friendship, but that I offer to you wholeheartedly.”

There are tears in the smaller woman’s eyes. “That is more than I could expect, Varanis.”

“Why? Surely you understand that you are worthy of respect and friendship?” Varanis reaches out with her free hand, to lift the smaller woman’s chin. “You truly are, you know.”

The younger woman leans to the touch. “I promised to not cling to you.”

“Does this mean you’ll take me up on my offer and join us in Boldhome? It won’t be anything like what you’re used to in Nochet, but it’ll be better than the tent!”

She traces the outlines of runes in Varanis’ hand.
“Thank you for the offer. I appreciate it and will think about it. And I value and cherish your friendship. I really do. But now I want to be alone for awhile.” She plants a kiss on Varanis’ hand, accompanied by an errant tear, and turns away towards the edge of the village.

Varanis lets her go.

Lenta walks vanishes to the path rising towards the saddle of the cliff.1 V- Curses! That’s my escape route2 X- well maybe you can take it after Lenta has gone.

Varanis offers Lenta abode in her house in Boldhome.

  • 1
    V- Curses! That’s my escape route
  • 2
    X- well maybe you can take it after Lenta has gone.