Nala Tears

Nala — Nala Tears

????, Fire Season


1626, Fire Season [[[s01:session-34|Session 34]]]


It’s the first night in Sartar. Nala has been weeping quietly during her watch. Before it is over the sound of footsteps intrudes, and Berra walks into view, stopping a little way away to look Nala over.

Nala’s head has been down, but she makes sure there are no sign of tears on her face when she looks up. You couldn’t swear it wouldn’t have suited her, though, dammit.

Berra comes closer, and squats down beside Nala, letting her keep a good view of where she would have been looking. “Chin up for watching,” she says quietly. Although it could be an admonition, it comes out surprisingly gently, and is followed by, “Are you alright?”

“Yes. Thank you,” she adds after a beat

Zinat pads over – Nala has extra options for watching.

Berra stays for a bit, considering.1Insight, Special: Nala is miserable at having to leave home again, basically, and Berra gets the feeling there is something left un-done there.

The Humakti gives a little nod to the wolf, and no more.

After a while, Berra says, “If there’s anything I can do, let me know. I got… that is, being away from your people can be terrible. I’m sorry.” In the dark she appears to have the very slightest of lisps.

Nala shakes her head, very slightly. Another pause. “You wanted something?”

“No. Just to find out if you were alright. I could hear you.” Berra takes a slow, deep breath. “It’s almost my watch. If you want me to take it now, I can.”

“No. I’m sorry. If nothing else, I’m wasting water.” she smiles slightly as Zinat licks the salt off her face and noseboops.

Berra snorts a bit. “You’ll get rain soon enough. Prax was hot.” She rubs at a sunburned shoulder, under her armour, and then stands to drift away. She is surprisingly good at making no noise in the dark, and has the hang of blending into the shapes of the vegetation to break up her silhouette.