Nala’s Thoughts (Session 20)

Nala — Nala S01 Session20



Season/Week/Day/Time and Notable Context. RP session.



Nochet is Hell. They have stripped out the bones of the earth and piled them stone on stone to break her back. The places reeks of excrement, fear, and corruption. The river has islands of shit, and the wild upriver has gone dead, too sluggish to weep.

Allegedly Nochet has a peace, and yet within a few hours I was witness to two assassination attempts. In other corners people skulk, stalk, and shadow. The temples are vast but the air inside is foetid because of the city. I have of course paid my respects, but not without shuddering.

I told the grandmother that Gran was lost in the Halls of the Gods. I had to tell her something I could believe in, at least while I was telling it. Any help you could give for verisimilitude without actually putting Gran in jeopardy would be welcome,

I also don’t understand why, if Esrolia is ruled by women, the attempted death of two very minor men matters at all. Surely if they wanted to attack the clan or Grandmother they would attack a daughter?

Marble is odd. It is a bit like obsidian, but cannot be used as a weapon except maybe dropped in a block from a great height.

Tiwr has been beautified and in his mind beatified. He is, of course, magnificent. I forgot to tell you…nope, I’ve forgotten it again.