Spiritual Hope

Context: On their first visit to the Blue Tree since Berra came back to Sartar, Nala and Berra talk of the ghost who is apparently haunting her newly-gifted land.

Nala says, of the spirit they may be about to fight, “I think we should scout first. If there is actual threat, maybe come back and get Mellia, in case it gets through me to you.”

“We should talk first. I’m eager but I have to admit ignorance. The Clan night know more.”

“Well, yes, part of scouting is to see if it is someone stuck on this side of the Hall of the Gods. Oh, you mean to the locals.” It takes Nala a moment.

“Yes. I… I have to add I am not good with spirits. But it might just be rumour, or a bad enchantment. We should keep an open mind. And if it’s something physical I can fight it.” Berra looks slightly crestfallen with her admission, but perks up again.

“I did all right with the possessing spirit at Greyrock. It was…” she pauses and frowns, “worryingly easy. I think I must have just got lucky. Anyway, I’m not good with talking to strangers, so I’ll just loom quietly for a bit.” … pause. “Then I’ll get Tiwr.”

“If we’re going to talk to people, we should probably do it tomorrow, for all I want to get out and do things. I need to talk to people about meeting the Wyter. You’re not taking lands here, are you?”

“Kalis is authorising a small temple. Nothing huge. And free hospitality for myself and Sid. I wanted just to give the land to Sid, but they wouldn’t let me.”

Berra nods. “I can see why. But if it helps, the clan was really protective of Ducks, the past years. Maybe they’ll learn to like Sid too.” From her voice it’s a sad hope.