Nala Where do I go?

Nala — Nala S01 Session36



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Let’s get something straight: these people are not my tribe. So far from it. I know, things look different in the Godtime, but to belong to a tribe involves the heart. My heart is not with these people.

Neither is my trust.

Let me tell you about Huljeem.

Huljeem Hunrullh, as a young priest, swore to the priests of the Young City (Pavis, maybe? Do you know?) that he would find the crocodile goddess of teeth and salt. His feet left Prax in the search but his heart remained on the banks of the Zola Fel.

I do not know much of his end, only that it came in the holy place of that goddess, where her tears flow even now. There was a fight with a troll, but Huljeem called me into his presence, telling me his heart also wept salt. And if I would, would I take part of him home to Prax, to the Young City, with a message. Ma, the yearning for home was so strong, I too wept salt, though I had no body and could not weep. And now we are traveling companions, he and I. Trust me to find a man I can stand, only for him to have been dead for a thousand years.